Black Poetry : Chocolate Essence

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    At days long length
    I think could I be in her presence
    this beauty, with her sultry seductive chocolate essence
    A sight to be hold
    almond shaped doe eyes
    it would be a gift
    for even a king to have her by his side
    through her veins her talents shine through
    Model, designer, woman with a vision
    I believe there isn't anything
    she can't do
    To describe her very being
    I feel I may be unequiped, sorely lacking
    the proper words
    To show her how I feel
    No being on this earth can
    ever defer me except her
    Maybe she doesn't know
    that with all she is and isn't
    I'm eagerly intrigued
    Some might try to deter me
    saying that she's out of my league
    but you see
    I truly believe that she's
    not the type that would
    miss out on opportunities
    to broaden her horizons
    and learn more about a man like me
    I'm not saying I'm in love with her
    Emotions like that take time
    I'm just trying to let
    her know in the simplest way
    That she is ever present within my mind
    Now I'm not the type to
    step to a woman like her
    with rhetoric and lines
    All that type of BS is
    just a waste of her precious time
    you see she is a Queen
    building an empire on her own
    her desire is to be a billionaire
    this is readily known
    I just want to tell her
    she need not do it alone
    I had one chance
    to get close to her
    to tell her some of my ideas
    but yet I've delayed it
    yet it wasn't out of fear
    It was out of purpose
    It was purposely that I haven't
    called her cause my desire
    it to take her out on the town
    but if I stepped to her
    with my career sidetracked
    I'd seem like a creep or a clown.
    When all I want is to just
    to know her,
    her struggles
    her desires
    her pains
    to sit back with her
    for a length of time
    so we could speak plain
    and I believe within my heart
    that day will come soon
    the only question I ponder vigorously
    is on that day
    What will she do?