Black People : Chinese Education/ African Education

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    Americans are bugging about why the chinese are excelling over US education

    2 simple answers

    1. Communism
    2. Culture

    here in the Unted States where there is no culture,
    the economic system is something Adam Smith would not recognize and Mussolini would be happy to see.

    children here, are concidered cogs in the wheel, merely numbers in a seat, and that is it.
    Schools here are run like corporations not institutes of learning and enrichment.

    But what about our ancestral home?

    According to several Slave narratives of sisters and brothers purchased by the Quakers, and then set free and educated,
    school was mandatory from 5 to 16 throughout West Africa, 500 years ago,
    and there was a pear pressure towards scholastic excelllence.

    So what happened?

    1 The scientific and strategic, removal of the principles programs and ideology of
    the three patriarchs of liberation

    Patrice Lumumba
    Kwame Nkhrumah
    and Jomo Kenyatta

    2 The propping up of stooges and lackeys to as heads of state to establish neocolonialism after the revolutions

    What Malcolm called the International Power Structure knew quite well that had the ideologies of these brothers been allowed to flourish throughout the continent

    one would not see as today only 4 nations out of 50 with free education for children and teens but all nationas would have it and at a high and competitive standard,

    that would stand head and shoulders with the level seen in China today, if not surpassing it.

    There is no reason why we can not have 50 silicon valleys and green-energy tech factories all over the Motherland.