Chief Elder Osiris : China, The Pathway To Afrikans Freedom :idea:

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    China, The Pathway To Afrikans Freedom :idea:

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Why is it that the Mother of Civilization, they that first originated upon this Planet and played a Major, if not the exclusive role in peopling this Planet Earth, is slow and most reluctant to engage their Mind in International Social, Educational, Economic, Theological, and Political issues of affairs?

    We Black Folks have reduced ourselves to become as those calling themselves Human Beings have told us how we are to behave, and that we have not the intellectual capacity to be recognized with respect on the International level of activity, where all of the decision are being made, which end up controlling the world and dictating how the World is to behave in all circumstances and events that affect our Lives, and in that case, the Black Lives in world seem to be the focal point by those Human Being that have convinced Black people that we are no intellectual match to them and because Black People have submitted to the Human Being way of believing, I invite you Black people to observe the condition of Afrika and the representative of the origin of Civilization, the Black so call Afrikans.

    Since there is no intelligent argument that can refute who the Being is, that originated upon this Planet Earth, before all other Beings of a Similar Form, and that Being, happen to be of a Black Pigment, then why is it that the Mother and Father of Earthly Mankind, has to serve as servants to their Children, by the enforcing of lies and act of deception?

    Beloved, is not something wrong with such a picture, a picture that has been caused by the action of the Human Being, toward the Divine Being, which is Black, causing those once Divine Black Beings to abandon their Divinity, by covering up a Divine Mind that now reside dormant within the body of the Black Being, as we Black people now confess to be Human Beings, doing as the Human Being proper, has so directed us to believe and confess to be.

    Here we Black people are, we that is a member of a Mineral Kingdom with an ability to express an intelligence that is on a Different frequency than those other Beings, they that is so labeled by the Human Being to be of what they refer to as an Animal Kingdom.

    Beloved, it was Black people that introduced a Civilization that had been and is expressed in a Distant Galaxy within the Universe, and was brought to this planet, and now here we Black Folks are, we who are Children of the Stars, in a world we produced, now having not a pot to piss in that we control and have authority over its use, which we can call our own and it being in our possession by our own doing.

    How pitiful and sad of a Black people we have become, we now not knowing that we are just as and or more Qualified, than those who are now in control of the world, to be in control of Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan Life world.

    Yet here we are, stuck in a Human Being Mind that have us believing that we do not qualify to voice our position with conviction and self respect, concerning those events that are taking place in the world and those events are affecting our Black Lives in such a way, we now are attacking and maiming and killing each other and is allowing the Human Being to willfully cause a Benign genocide of the Black Life, poverty to linger in our Homeland which is attacking Black so call Afrikans, as we have been reduced to become Black people to represent a psychotic behavior, a behavior that have us to express a belief weighed down in lies and acts of deception, having us to act passively about what is the cause of our condition, with no desire to change such a state of life, which we now live on this planet, in a place call Afrika and else where that we are.

    Beloved, of all the Nations of Super power in the world today, could it be that China is the pathway that could lead to Afrika and the so call Black Afrikan Freedom, Independence, and Sovereignty, Geographically, Physically and Spiritually ?

    Now, you with the Black Human Being Afrikan Mind will not be able to deal with such a question with Divine Knowledge serving as the action that will cause an enlightenment to reveal why it is that I have proposed before you such a question, and you Truly will have to understand the Dynamics of the Origin of Mankind upon this planet, in order to be able to know why such a question should be explored by Divine Black so call Afrikan Warriors and not by the Afrikan Black Human Being.

    Listen not at the rhetoric now coming out of the mouth of the president of South Afrika, concerning China, because I am of the opinion that at this Time, given the consideration of all of the Black Afrikan States, it be such leadership coming from South Afrika, Nigeria, and Liberia, that serve as the Axis of Satellite Afrikan States, serving under the influence of persuasion, by the Axis of Evil World States of Power, they being the United States, Britain, and France, and serving as their satellites states in evil, they being Germany, Portugal, Italy, with the Rome Vatican serving as the Deceiving Star, the Titular Head over them all, representing the Lucifer of Evil Lies and acts of Deception.

    So, what need to happen concerning China and the Afrikan People, well, there need to be put into action an effort to organize a Afrika Continent, Afrikan Civilian Freedom Corp with a leadership made up of Divine Afrikan Warriors that can not be borrowed or bought, and it is that quality of Black so call Afrikan Leadership that need to be in communication with China and not those that take their queue from the Axis of World States Evil.

    Beloved, that is all I will say on that for now.

    Beloved, that which I share with you, require that you be of your Divine Mind, in order for you to be able to understand what is being shared with you, and I often say to you that my only purpose in relationship with you Black so call Afrikans, is to share the Divine Truth with you and however you choose to deal with it, will either serve to your advantage or to your detriment, having no affect upon me, because I seek not any favor from you, I am just a simple Black Proud Divine Being, in the Knowledge of whom I am, as I maintain connection with our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black Ancestors, a connection that require a Divine Spiritual awareness of God, Universe, and Self and an obedience to listen to the Divine information flowing from the Soul of our Ancient First way Ancestors.

    So I leave you with this question, of all of your Relatives, Black Woman and Man, tell me, who is your Closest Relative, in term of what is considered to be Race, that which come from a Cross Breeding Action, coming from the mixing of the Two Extremes of the Race Spectrum phenomena, one original while the other is of Nature Evolved Involvement?

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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