Black Poetry : Chills Down My Spine


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Jul 2, 2003
da south............ATL
Your cocoa butter skin
Illuminates my soul within
Vibrating my mind, body, and soul
Every time I get a chance to hold
Your body
Your sweet, soultry body
Next to me
I sometimes vision you within me
And then besides me
Next to me
Everywhere around me
And it sends chills down my spine
I tell another girl that you are MINE
That you are my one of a kind
Like Wine
African like King from another time
Chills down my spine everytime you look at me
Sex me
Lay down next to me
And then make sweet LOVE to me
Taking me on voyage after voyage
Dreaming of marriage
And a baby carriage
Because you are deep into my heritage
Chills down my spine
Each and every time
You are near me
Speaking to me
So sexy
But raspy
Just for me
That's what you are to me
For me
You are the dew to my morning
The sun in my rising
The reason for my fasting
You are my king
And for that, you are the reason I have chills down my spine


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