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    Children Of The Plague
    Mothers Death Of Darkness HIV

    Within the hell of a darken heart,
    he sins of the mothers and the fathers,
    who pass on instant death,
    the plague that gathers the souls of the weak,
    and passed it on to the innocence of a child.
    Closed eyes to the devil as he rejoice.

    Drug dealers, Drug enforcers,
    liquidations of suppliers,
    who enforce the captivities of instant death.

    The sins of the parents which is passed on,
    Unforgivable actions, genocide by the devils
    children who pass on instant death.

    The child lynched by a bureaucracy
    that man throw stones,
    the sins of the parents which have fell
    upon the children of Gods giving grace.

    The devil bares arms against the zombies
    who sleep there selves to death.

    Captivity brings captivity,

    there is no place to hide,
    upon the closed doors of disgrace.
    Babies who are snatch upon the cradle,
    as the blind continues to feed arms
    with toxins to kill the unborn
    before they reach the light of the earth.
    Suicide upon the blood of there parents,
    who make love within the garbage
    disposals of the taunted wound.

    When a man chooses death.

    fear the almighty bindery of man.

    The sins breed death upon the unborn.

    Which life has no value, only the white powder,

    dirty needles, live and breathe each day.

    Fearing the unknown believing

    in myths which is dictated by man.

    Playing with dynamic when it explode upon

    the taunted wound, the lights that blasts

    Upon the night, a legacy of death, with only self,

    That man thinks of.

    The two masters self and truth,

    the beliefs connection with heaven and the universe.

    Life is death, death is life.

    The murder infected wounds the birth of death.

    The windows of the beginning
    the prophecy of transition,
    exhortation, humility, great reality,
    the way of truth self restraint.
    The laws of cause and effects.

    The cries of innocence,
    the murderer the sperm donor, never
    thinking of the birth of a child
    who feels the mothers pain.
    Idiot boxes and abominations of sexuality
    that lingers among our walls.
    The curse has struck again the curse,
    that lingers on the child, complexities,
    with the devils claws. Man has no moral are pride.
    Words may be cruel but the curse that lingers,
    within the battle of the nights.
    The child cries, I felt my mothers pain
    As I flowed through her wound.

    The fires are burning. Drug Dealing,
    Raping the roots that will no longer grow.
    Instant death to self,
    Zombies the walking dead,
    Powerless upon self.
    Jealousy and Hate, Zombies un centralized,
    Ignorance that just want think.

    Preaching morals an values ,
    living in a cardboard box,
    with mindless men without leadership
    within self, useless sperm destruction
    of creation, no loyalty to God,
    only self, man who makes his own laws,
    satins children just go on an dye,
    so you can live within the darkness of hell.

    The angels of thy God, the sins of the rooted tribe.
    death to the young, who never had the chance to live.
    man who provides the destruction, and the week
    continues to live within darkness of a living hell.
    Taunted seeds, the warrior of death.
    Darken lust that breeds death, upon the hell upon earth,
    Changing the scripts of thy God.
    The child who feels the pain, of darkness
    within the tunnels of taunted grounds.

    Dark as the tunnel which one dwell,
    the light that brings life.
    Thy travels from heavens to earth,
    the love that embrace.
    The past has return to life,
    the scars of a past continues to repeat,
    the same mistakes.
    Resurrection of a soul that lives,
    to complete the missions of the pass life.
    Indoctrinations of the rules which must be held.
    The decay of a world that awaits the growth.
    Sins of the fathers that reigns within its on curse.

    Children who are scorn because of the sins
    of the parents, caring only of self.
    Out of sight, out of mind
    When will man get it right.
    The sleeping zombies who don't give a dam.

    The babies that carry the pain,
    each day they live, as the last,
    the beautiful child, who awaits its death.
    Babies who cry upon the night,
    God have mercy upon the devils who cast,
    the spells on the young,
    man who continues to enforce instant death.
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    another tyte scribe i almost missed
    like how u be droppin it
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    this is so touching. my heart goes out to those babies that have to suffer as a result of their parents negligence. keep doing your thing. you are a blessing!
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    great job, really feelin this

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    Thank you