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    Children of Afrika

    Help me
    Hold me
    Wipe my tears
    For my tears has been my only food
    for the Love of you (Afrikan Children)
    The more I look
    The less I see
    I see nothing but delusion
    For I see nothing but desolation
    I see only walking-dead,
    Walking in shackles of despair
    Without the knowing of tomorrow
    Tomorrow that might never come
    With what I see with my naked eyes

    Help me
    Hold me
    Wipe my tears
    My ear drum is damaged
    From the soliloquies of death
    in the spiritual mutilations of the music
    That continues to blare into my ears
    From our future
    From our tomorrow
    From precious gifts
    Afrikan Child

    Oh! Help me please
    I am becoming sick
    Without the ability to express myself
    From my disillusioned state of mind
    From what I see daily
    The death in the dead eyes
    of almost every woman
    robbed as a child
    The child in the man get younger;
    The man in the child getting older
    Why death everywhere?

    I see falsity all around me, oh my child
    I see "God" imbedded all throughout
    the secluded chambers of "your minds"
    I see no God of self-confidence
    and of truth in your incoherent eyes,
    I see no God in your un-philosophical re-actions
    How come oh my child you are so blinded
    by the extravagant glares of ignorance

    A slave-child,
    But slavery I was told was wiped away long time
    I see the eyes of death,
    I hear the word of despair,
    I see an Afrikan-(abstract) culture
    that runs deep made transparent and weak
    My child, my Afrikan Child, My love, My baby
    I see how vulnerable you truly are,
    I see you as the hunter who preys on your ignorance,
    your inner joy sees you,
    only I see you
    No more illusions
    (you the children being raised by children)
    where else has that abomination
    got the soul of the Afrikan?

    In the quietness of your soul
    You ask,
    Where do I go,
    With tears in your eyes you ask
    where is there to go from here,

    Weep not child
    Weep not my baby
    With this love of you in my heart
    I will wash your feet with my tears
    I willl dry your tears with my hair
    Replace your tears with my tears
    For my tears has been my only food
    for the Love of you (Afrikan Child-ren)
    Wipe your face with the kiss of my mouth
    I will restore knowing into you
    I will chasten away that death
    that is threatening you everyday
    With only one condition I demand of you
    That from this moment
    You will learn to look at your Divine mother
    For Harmony, Balance and Order
    For inspiration and progress
    For peace and tranquility
    For honor and respect
    For dignity and gratitude
    For joy, peace and loving
    Tell me you will look at your Divine mother

    I have no mother you said
    She was killed by the rebels
    My father was taken by the exploiters
    I am alone in this world
    Disillusioned, lack direction
    And without any tomorrow

    Listen my child
    Though you lose all
    But your Divine mother is alive
    Afrika is her name (the land of many) and you,
    The land that gave birth to old civilizations
    The land of Pyramids
    The land of abundant
    The abundance that made the rest of us scramble for her
    Daily she continues to be raped
    all of you are her (my) child-ren.
    She is the Truth that runs through your veins
    the Truth that balances your abstract mind
    and the Truth that pivots your soul
    into the experience of time
    All is inter-connected through the loving of she
    (our Divine mother) as all detachments
    from her equates a false absolute.
    A Truth windowed through the desolate eyes of the children
    We must look within once again children
    to the Divine Afrikan God
    (as once taught by our caring elders),
    we must look within to find the key of Truth
    that unlocks the shackles on our hearts, minds and souls
    The Truth you no longer know,
    the pre-existent Truth in God (balance)
    that inter-connects all,
    in Truth You must child,
    you must listen to your soul,
    it's only your soul that can teach you
    what the Truth actually is
    Only the soul,
    the impressions of the mind
    are false absolutes,
    as seen through your actions-reactions
    of not knowing
    I see you child,
    loving is what you love
    (as do All)
    but the falsity of hollow images
    is the hand that you got
    I see it (death) in your eyes,
    I hear the death in your poetics of life,
    and I read the living death
    in your spoken/written words of genocide
    An untimely end from any angle,
    an abomination unto the soul
    that must cease through your own good will.

    My child you must look deeply
    within to the Divine mother Afrika
    because we were both raped,
    yet we continue to rape each other,
    we are imbalanced,
    we are divided in mind
    from our Divine mother in Afrika
    A Truth seen in the hopeless stares of you
    my Afrikan child,
    our vulnerable-Afrikan children.
    Know child,
    there is Knowing,
    because the changelessness of Knowing,
    which is love,
    necessity and inter-connection,
    never truly changed the mind.
    The changelessness of love,
    necessity and inter-connection,
    never escaped the protection of the soul.
    Give me tears of Knowing child,
    your mental,
    your physical and your spiritual reduction is my very own.
    Look within child to the Divine Spirit in Afrika,
    into your truest self
    and to the unified soul in the Afrikan God.
    My Beloved Children of Afrika
    You are the Stars of Thee Great "I" AM Afrikan (God)
    The I
    IS on The Sparrow
    The power in "I" is in me, and you
    The "I" have IT All
    Lift your heart, soul, and mind
    Towards Thee great
    "I" AM that "I" AM within you
    We are separate
    Yet we are One
    When "I" see you
    "I" see me
    My Beloved Children of Afrika
    Seek The "I" AM inside of you
    While Thee "I" AM can still be found
    Greater IS Thee "I" AM in you
    Than anything it the world
    My tears has been my only food for the love of you Afrikan Child-ren)
    "I" "I" "I"
    "I" see you in me
    The "I" in you and me will destroy Despair that which was our only games to play with

    Children of Afrika

    There is no greater loving than
    The "I" AM that "I" AM
    That IS already inside of you

    Beloved Children of Afrika
    "I" know you can do It

    Go Now Beloved Children of Afrika
    Go within (God-self)
    And we will never go without

    Give me tears of KNOWING, once again, children,
    tears of Joy, into the never-end...

    The Stars of Afrika
    The Afrikan Stars
    The Children of Afrika

    From Thee Chambers of Thee Divine in Divinity,
    Where Spiritual Secrets resides, on the frontier of the future,
    on Thee outskirts of Thee City of Eternity.

    Afrika! Afrika! Afrika!

    Here is Loving you

    revised-April 8, 2007
    © 2005 By Haadiya Zahirah Asiya Aamon (aka) goddess Isis

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    Strong words indeed. For they are us, and we are them, interconnected always. As much pain as I felt in this, I also felt the warmth of your love in that eternal connection. This was awesome.
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    Beloved Preciouswatzinaname:

    I remain humble and thank you precious one.


    goddess Isis
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    deep / smooth and powerful .....tyte write sis
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    Beloved Mighty warrior RICH:

    I remain humble and thank you, thank you for reading and commenting.


    goddess Isis
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    As "MAAT" resides in and through every line, it's so sad to know/witness the fact that it's death that do indeed surround us on a daily.
    Are the chains gone? not by a long shot, Of course they un-chained our arms and feet, but they now have our minds chained, which is the root and core of it all.
    And yes, we walk amoung the living dead in every angle of life. Once we become a KNOWER ...instead of a BELIVER ...
    that Our SPIRIT awaits us, that from which we came, we shall return.
    "As it was in the beginning, So shall it be in the end!!"

    Beautiful flow of wisdom poet...I hear you.