Nigeria : Children abused, killed as witches in Nigeria

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Sep 29, 2005
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Probally what these folks are saying is this. That where they see certain practices, they also notice a moral decline and acceptance of behavior that would be condemned in areas of other society. - - - Here in New Orleans there are quite a few black magic shops in the French Quarter and around town, you will commonly notice there is the existence of other social ills right within the vacinity or either right next to an area where black magic is performed. Strip clubs, heroin and acid shops, 25cent sex act booths, etc. But where there are Churches, there tend to be no such things. As bad as drugs are here, not even the roughest of dealers will sell near a church nor will a topless bar owner attempt to build a club next to a church or Mosque but the lowwest of human behavior often goes on where there is belief in the occult. I've studied nearly every religion and belief system on Earth and many are tolerant of things other condone. But it is true about some Christians, some enter with ill intention in areas where they have interest.
You need to read some of the other links. Some of these "preachers" are profiteering from phony exorcisms.

Which is the worst form of "black magic"!


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Aug 9, 2003
Children abused, killed as witches in Nigeria
By Christian Purefoy, CNN
August 26, 2010

Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria (CNN) -- Just after midnight, the pastor seized a woman's forehead with his large hand and she fell screaming and writhing on the ground. "Fire! Fire! Fire!" shouted the worshippers, raising their hands in the air.

Pastor Celestine Effiong's congregants are being delivered from what they firmly believe to be witchcraft. And in the darkness of the city and the villages beyond, similar shouts and screams echo from makeshift church to makeshift church.

"I have been delivered from witches and wizards today!" exclaimed one exhausted-looking woman.

Pastors in southeast Nigeria claim illness and poverty are caused by witches who bring terrible misfortune to those around them. And those denounced as witches must be cleansed through deliverance or cast out.

As daylight breaks, and we travel out to the rural villages it becomes apparent the most vulnerable to this stigmatization of witchcraft are children.

A crowd gathered around two brothers and their sister. Tears streamed down their mother's face as she cast out her children from the family, accusing them of causing the premature deaths of two of their siblings with black magic.

"I am afraid. They are witches and they can kill me as well," she sobbed.

Taking his time to talk to the mother, Sam Ikpe-Itauma, an imposing man wearing a "Child's Rights & Rehabilitation Network" t-shirt, has come to try to rescue the three children.

"If we are not here there's a possibility of them being thrown into the river, buried alive or stabbed to death," Sam said.

He tries to persuade their mother and a crowd of villagers that the three children are not witches - but no one believes him. And so, putting the children in his white pick-up, he drives away to his orphanage and safety.


First of all?


My gut reaction is of a self serving propaganda piece, i. e., since the very labelling of some non Chrisitian beliefs as 'witchcraft' is a throwback the early white colonies own barbaric practices on this continent!


As I've tried to get my mind around the growing popularity of non traditional religions on the African continent:

My second reaction --considering the alleged dominance of Islam in Nigeria--is maybe kinda sorta that's become a unwanted stigma--for some--i. e., which by the way of guilt (by mere) association to the rise of so called radical Islam-- and/or so called islamic extremists--etc.--nowadays (for some) it is considered more desirable to identify oneself-- by the way of the alleged or real beliefs of white affluent and rich people--hence the less well off again identify themeselves by the way of the more well off folk--also kinda sorta revealing some africans own deep seated inferior complexes--in a world some now mistakenly only associate in terms of bigoted and racist viewpoints ad naseum--as well!

On the other hand:

One's exploiters and oppressors are obviously not going to give anybody the means and ways to end their exploitation and oppression...

Instead when it comes to the modern day african's historical take etc. on what we already had to go thru on this continent and in this nation etc.:

This time they should be listening and learning from us who else they're up against!

In either or both cases:

Ignorance ain't 'bliss'...

The truth will set us all free!

Need I to say or write more than that?

You tell me!



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Aug 9, 2003
You need to read some of the other links. Some of these "preachers" are profiteering from phony exorcisms.

Which is the worst form of "black magic"!


Some aspects of christianity in the states are just meant for mass (public) consumption...

But, let us not just make this just about African traditional vs Western non traditional religious practices, etc.

And, it's really about yet another Afircan peoples ongoing internal haves vs the have nots scenario, via the here and now...

Do keep that in mind as well...



Dec 18, 2009
You need to read some of the other links. Some of these "preachers" are profiteering from phony exorcisms.

Which is the worst form of "black magic"!
Yep that's big money in these areas. Ugandans who are not actually witch docts or priest make major money doing these phony exorcisms and spells.
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