Black Teenagers : childish Gambino is Sirius!

What is the meaning of the white horse in this video?

  • The white horse is mentioned in the Bible in Revelations.

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Symbol of America

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In the Book of Revelations after the fourth seal is broken the fourth beast announces the coming of the end of humanity, "ALL" humanity by the image of mans destruction by a pale horse who carries upon it's back death who will cast all mankind into HELL itself.

Milton William Coopers rather interesting personal interpretation of the fleeting image of a pale horse being attached to this video appears to infer the arrival of the final act of the fast escalating destruction of the non-elite particularly People of Color by the NWO which has always existed on Earth from the very first time man sought power and control over other men.

To legitimize the conquering of a people is to cry havoc then set loose the dogs of war upon the masses.