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    I gotta a job while I chase my dream
    I am very glad to see this!!!


    I am so happy to see this thread and commend you on starting it. I have extensive experience with children within the early childhood development field. I have started out as a telecommunications major and MSU and have stopped with less than one year to go to follow my gift, which is working with children and families! Bold move? Yes, and I do not regret it at all.

    I have currently finished my classes for CDA, I am finishing up my associates in applied science of early childhood education, awaiting a transfrer to a 4 yr institution to receive a degree in family studies in child development. I will then go on to get my masters! Whew. I am on a mission for various reasons and am happy to continue my progress.

    I have a couple of family childcare certificates of completion. I have started my business plan and also have a hand book ready for parents.. I have had a few set backs in this area but are still optimistic that it will come to realization soon. I believe in owning my own business. It is positive for myself and family and my community.

    I like this idea of creating a forum. I strongly think it can help women and men come together to seek information and to communicate with one another.

    I was wondering how do you join this forum? I would love to become a member and if you are willing a moderator? I have no problems in discussing this with you. I think it is a wonderful opportunity.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Take care and brightest blessings

    Lady Bastet