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    Chief Elder Osiris Respond To Tavis Behavior Concerning Michelle Obama

    Beloved Black People:


    Tavis along with all of your other so call Black Civil Rights Leaders, they are not programmed to be sincere about the condition of Black so call Afrikan Americans, so it is no wonder why Tavis has no problem in disrespecting a Black Woman that could possible become the First, First Black Lady of America.

    you know, the more I Think about what Tavis has done in denying Michelle an opportunity to address a Black gathering on Center stage before the Black World and the World in general, only reveal to black People how small is the Value of Tavis when the interest of black People are at stake and maybe, just maybe it is a Good thing that Obama is not available to appear in person at Tavis Gathering, a Program controlled by people that have no respect for Black People.

    So, why should Black People be up-set over the fact that Tavis has Disrespected the Wife of a Major contender to become the Leader of not just the so call Free World but of the World.

    I have shared with you that it is Time that we Black People stop validating Negroes such as a Tavis Smiley CLAIMING TO BE OUR LEADER, we Black People are what make the Tavis amongst us to become as they confess to be, which is our Leaders, do you not know that if you would just stop being available to those Phony so call Black Leaders beck and Call, they will cease be the Tools of Worth, to their White Bosses?

    Tell me beloved, when are we Black People going to begin to Choose and Validate our own Black Leaders, without they having to be approved by those people with a History of Oppressing Black People, may I say, if we do not begin to put a stop to Weak Black Men calling themselves our Leaders and have no problem in disrespecting our Black Women and in this instance a Black woman that stand to become the First, First Black Lady of these America United States.

    I do not consider those Negroes of Tavis caliber to be worthy of being referred to as a Black Think Tank consortium, those Negroes do not know what it Mean to Think, do you not know that there are not to Many Black People that have been conditioned to Think ?

    Black so call Leaders do not Think for Black People, they do not, because they do not know how to Think, what you have in the way of the caliber of the likes of a Tavis, are people calling themselves so call Afrikan Americans Leaders and they are only calibrated to Believe and not Think, so they constitute a Black Belief Tank, and such a Tank take their direction from those people that have a History of Oppressing Black People.

    So even if Tavis Bosses order him to allow to come and speak, Michelle should tell Tavis to remain in the Hellish state he is in and No Thanks, I know that she is to gracious of a lady to do that, but it most certainly TO be appropriate to do so, after Tavis having Dissed the Wife of a Top Contender for the President of these united states and I say this with you all knowing how I feel about America Politics and the Change Obama is Espousing to come if he is elected to become President of America United states.

    The Divine Truth, Black So Call Afrikan Americans Despise The Divine Truth!!!

    Chief Elder

    [email protected] wrote:

    It is interesting that Tavis would so rapidly decline having a State of the Black Union Forum which included a contender for the position of the first ever African Ancestored First Lady of the United States of America!

    It is doubly disappointing that Mrs. Obama was so casually disregarded by Tavis as a person of interest to speak on the State of the Black Union, given that whatever concerns she hears will be taken back into the Obama camp and whatever she says would be a great indication about what her husband feels, but may not necessarily be able to directly state at this point in the political game.

    Again, it should not be surprising that Mrs. Obama was selected as a brilliant alternative for her husband. It is a tactic employed by nearly all Politicians to have a Spouse Representative appear where they cannot. This is where we (the public) get to find out of there is an actual brain or merely air between the ears of the person who has the "ear of the king". I for one would like to hear her speak at a Black venue, but it is clear that she will be speaking on a venue other than with Tavis' handpicked "smart people."

    I should also mention that despite a nearly 100% Media Black-out of the Sovereign Black Indian Nations in the U.S. Embedded Media, it is also glaringly apparent that Tavis has never included a Representative of the Black Indians of the 5 Civilized Tribes as a group whose "State" or "Condition" is a part of something that other African Ancestored Persons should stay abreast of.

    This may become even more crucial, especially in light of the Sovereignty Projects we are working in conjunction with, including those projects involving members of the very groups currently being Apologized to and splashed all over the Media in Australia. Foreign groups, particularly Australians that I am in contact with cannot understand Native America's excuseless exclusion of their Ethnic (Black) Native American Brother's and Sisters. They claim its a carry over of the same Colonial behavior Native Americans have been decrying as played out against their own people.

    I submit that we are largely excluded in the same manner by the types of African American Think Tank Forums such as the one pulled together by so-called Elites like Tavis.

    Once again, we find Black People doing the same things, the same way over and over again, hoping and praying for different results.

    I guess in the end it helps me to get over my tremendous disappointment over the lost opportunity of these Think Tanks, which have become little more than televised tête-à-têtes
    of people sitting around philosophying, signifying and reveling in the joy of hearing their own voices, with no real pressure to leave us with solutions which move beyond more blaming of the Rappers for telling the Truth on America.

    Angela Molette (Tuscaloosa Ohoyo)
    Black Warrior Woman