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    Hoteph Respectfully John Wilmerding:

    My respectfully concerned John Wilmerding, I am responding to you with the
    notion that you are sincere about the questions you have proposed to me and
    if you would read our Plan of Action more closely you will see that we have
    answered many of those questions you ask, but be that as it may, there are a
    few questions you ask that is deserving of a response from me.

    First let us make it clear, what Sankofa Repatriation Movement is requesting
    has no connection to or relationship to the State of Israel action, we are
    not proposing to take anybody land, just reclaiming a portion of what is
    already ours..

    We are descendants of Enslaved Africans, who was taken away from the very
    land their children now is preparing to return back to and with such a
    genetic as well as a geographical connection to that land call Africa, make
    us legal Natural heirs to the land of Africa, but yes we will seek support
    and cooperation from our dear beloved Sisters and Brothers who was not
    involved in the transatlantic slave trade, but the final decision is a
    natural and legal one and not a decision based on charity.

    Now concerning Liberia, no where is what the Samoa Repatriation Movement is
    proposing is anywhere similar to what happen to the settlers in Liberia who
    went to Liberia, escorted by the White Citizen Colonization Society as
    indentured servant,just a half a step from legalized Slavery and Reparation
    and Statehood was not in the plan, also that part of Africa was not barren
    Land without occupants and what you know of as Liberia was chartered by the
    United States Congress.

    We will return back to our Ancestors Land not as settlers looking for a hand
    out but as a legal acknowledged ethnic group identified as AfroDescendants,
    giving us natural and legal claim to a part of our Enslaved Ancestors Land.

    If you would go back and read again our plan, you will see that we so state
    that a Plebiscite vote will be taken to see who so desire to become a part
    of this great exodus, as have been so prophesied.

    Of course we are available to work with any one or group who can endorse our
    plan and would be willing to work with us to make it happen. No one will be
    forced to go who do not want to go.

    Where we will go is not a pressing issue of concern at this time for we know
    when that time come we no doubt will have our choice with the sisters and
    brothers at home welcoming us back with their arms open and no doubt
    throwing great feast for us as we return as it has been so prophesied as

    We are the True Children of God, who has been held in bandaged for Four
    Hundred Years and now the Force of God is preparing to return us back from
    whence we come and the devil of various nature of behavior will not be able
    to prevent what God has so decreed.

    My beloved Wilmerding I know this will clarify those questions you have so
    asked of me.