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    Beloved Khepra:

    Brother You ask such direct and Precised Questions and they deserve direct and precise answers.

    Brother, Divine Beings revolve and not Evolve.

    If you have been following my dialogs on Reparation, you will know that I give the most direct and Precise explanation concerning Reparation, absent of all of the Selfish Monetary motivation that has come across this Internet in the name of Reparation.

    So, listen closely as I explain why it is, if we do not unite and Demand our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, why we will be the Children of the Middle Passage that would have shown more disrespect to our Enslaved Ancestors than those Devilish people that caused this Horror upon our Afrikan Ancestors and placed them in one of the Most Horrible created Institution constructed by Uncivilized people, as they referred to our Enslaved Ancestors as Chattel.

    So, before I answer your question about why the children of the Middle Passage should Demand Reparation, I have a question for you, and the question is this, If Not Reparation, Then What Is To Happen To The Crime Committed Against Our Enslaved Ancestors, Their Children and Afrika, and the Black so call Afrikan People ?

    Now, am I to surmise, because one Crime is Committed by the Criminal that all other Crimes committed by the same Criminal is to be considered Moot ?

    Beloved, here is the fact concerning Reparation and Our Enslaved Ancestors Right to be compensated for all of the Evil that they did endure and suffered and that compensatin is to come in Monetary value, our Right to Retyrn home and our right to become the next state in Afrika, that statement alone is enough to verify why it is that the Enslavers of our Ancestors is indebted to our Ancestors, starting with America and all others that participated in constructing and implementing the Institution referred to as Chattel Slavery, an issue we Black Folks all Time is trying to find justification to not confront the Devilish Human Beings responsible for the Evil done to our Enslaved Ancestors and Thus their children that is close to the exactness of our responsibility to Demand Reparation.

    Now, unless you approach the issue of Reparation in the way it represent the act of the Enslavement of our Ancestors, then we will never come to grips as to why the Crime of the Enslavement of our Ancestors must not have an expiration date, not until the crime has been punished and the punishment for the Enslavement and treatment of our Enslaved Ancestors, is none other than Reparation, so the way Reparatino is to be approached and understood is a Spiritual one, just as our Ancestors Enslavement was in fact a Spiritual and physical experience.

    Now, about this country referred to as America United States and what the Devilish Human Being did to gain possession of it, yes, I have many Times alluded to the fact that the so call USA is set upon Stolen Land and if you have read any of that which I share with Black People on these Yahoo Groups, then you will know that is a fact, but do I allow that to serve as a distraction from the Children of the Middle Passage Responsibility to our Enslaved Ancestors ? No beloved, I Do not, because I Know the Divine Meaning and Purpose Reparation is to Serve to the cause of raising a dead Black Nation from our mental Grave.

    I do not get caught up with secondary situation when I know the Primary situation, if taken care of, will solve the secondary one and in this case, Reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors must be primary in our cause for action by the Children Of The Middle Passage, because it is Reparation that represent our freedom away from America for our Enslaved Ancestors and their children, for Afrika and for the Black so call Afrikan Nation, however you desire to refer to us to be, as a once Divine Being.

    Here is our Physical reality beloved, regardless of how America came into possession of this Land America USA, the Devilish Human Being will not relinquish control of this Land State, a Land State that is controlled and now owned and always has been owned by the Human Being Mother Country, but that is enough for another separate conversation.

    So your question could be in your Mind, based on that which I have shared with you thus far, is, what make me Think if America USA will not and can not be made to give back stolen Land, then how in the Hell do I Think that the same Devilish People will, not give to the Children of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, because reparation is not about the children of our Enslaved Ancestors but Reparation is about the right of our Enslaved Ancestors to Reparation.

    Well beloved, do you recall early on in my response to you, that I said that unless you be qualified to understand the Spiritual Ramification Reparation has with our Enslaved Ancestors and their Children and the effect it will have on the Devilish Human Being oppressors, creators of Chattel Slavery and it being our Afrikan Ancestors that became victims to that Crime ?

    So, unless you become qualified to look beyond what appear to be the case regarding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, then you fall victim to the Mind you are now displaying in regard to Reparation, a Mind that allow its action to be distracted to a secondary cause and will not allow you to deal with a Matter that is the utmost importance to Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan Nation rising again, doing so in full dress of our divinity and the experience of the Sovereignty of our Divine Life again.

    Beloved, what I have notice is that most so call intelligent and want to be Black Nationalist, Pan-Afrikan savvy Black Folks, we choose to inject any and everything that can and will serve as a distraction from dealing with the One Issue qualified to cause the Dream Of The Honorable Marcus Garvey to come true to his Vision, concerning Afrika.

    Yet, we rather pretend to be concerned about what we really are not concerned with, and that is the Liberation of a Dead Black Divided Nation, as we choose any and every insignificant issue to be concerned about, so that we do not have to face the Divine fact of our Physical and Spiritual Reality, and you know what, there is so much more I can go into detail about concerning the yet to become issue among Black People, Reparation I speak of, but I have come to realize that the so call Internet intellectual, with a few exception, do not have their behind on becoming Free from this Devilish Human Being Oppressor in America Stolen Land or in Afrika.

    You have presented a contradiction by the concern you have laid out to me concerning the issue of Reparation and stolen Land.

    Reparation is an issue that tolerate no contradiction.


    Chief Elder

    khepra the evolutionary <khepra_the_evolutio [email protected] com> wrote:
    I need some clear understanding about how and why WE are asking for reparations in the U.S.A.
    Chief Elder, Goddess Isis and anyone else please correct me if I am misunderstanding this.
    European Colonists stole, invaded and conquered this land now called the U.S.A that was originally inhabited by the Indigenous People (commonly Native Americans/American Indians).
    These criminals then captured and kidnapped US from OUR home and bring US here not as equal partners in crime but as their slaves, prostitutes, chattel/cattle, etc. to enhance the stolen land they just acquired.
    Now, do WE in 2008 believe that WE deserve the spoils of their crimes in this stolen land now called the U.S.A. by not just asking for the wealth created by their crimes upon this land but feel entitled to the actual land itself these criminals stole???
    After being captured and brought here as slaves, prostitutes, chattel/cattle etc. how is that WE now feel entitled to the spoils of the crimes committed in and upon this land unless WE want to be seen as accomplices to the crime???
    How can WE feel entitled to ask for reparations from the U.S.A. without validating and/or aligning OURSELVES to the criminals or at worse feel like actual accomplices to the ill-begotten wealth that has been created in this land????
    Are WE more entitled or just as entitled as the Indigenous people (Native Americans/American Indians) to not just the land itself but all the riches that has been produced on this land???
    Anyone please help me out if I am missing something.

    Evolution through Fusion is the only Solution to obtain a P.A.S.S.S (PREPARED AUTONOMOUS
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    What nation in Africa has......

    What nation in Africa has informed you that they will welcome, 1.000 or one million folks here to repatriate.
    And our ancestors have enough wisdom to not pander to acts of emotionalism, like asking the devil to pay a fine for his evil!