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Jan 3, 2002
Dear Beloved Brother Pruitt:

I most certainly state that Reparation is about Money and I do so without quiver, Reparation is not about what we Want but is about what our Enslaved Ancestors have earned and I will not dishonor it by indicating that Reparation is abour Repairing our Relationship with the Devil himself.

We Children of the Middle Passage do Reparation a disservice when we imply that Reparation is more about Repair than anything else, when we do that we cause Reparation to be tainted by implying that it has to do with the guilty party acting as our reconstruction Foreman in directing our repairment program, the best way Reparation is to serve our Enslaved Ancestors are by making it necessary for the Children of our Enslaved Ancestors to be Monetarily fit to carry our Enslaved Ancestors back home and this is where the Black american child of our Enslaved Ancestors
My Dear Beloved Brother Pruitt:

What I have stated about Reparation, is exactly what I mean, I know that many of us have decided to affix our own selfish wanting meaning to Reparation, but when we extract our Wants out of the way, then Reparation is exactly about Money, why, because Reparation has nothing to do with our Wants but everything to do with our Enslaved Ancestors and therefore, when dealing with Reparation, it has to do with Hard Unpaid Labor and the Punitive Damage that our Enslaved Ancestors suffered and you do not reconcile that with no in-kind contribution but with Money, even though we are entitle to in-kind repair which consist in the guilty parties having an obligation to make sure that we get back to where they stole our Enslaved Ancestors from.

Reparation is not to be have decided to reconfigure the meaning and definition of Reparation, causing it not to be the Reparation our Enslaved Ancestors have left for their children to demand.

Yes, Yes beloved, Reparation is all about Money and it is that Money we must use to assist in repairing the Mother Land and assist in repairing a broken down Black Nation and the first step in that construction, which we must supervise and actualize, is for the Children of the Middle Passage, with our Enslaved Ancestors and with their Reparation in hand, we must return our Enslaved Ancestors back Home and their children be extended the Right to become the next State in Afrika, all of that is to be a part of the repairing process, which is to take place in Afrika, now that is what that Sacred issue Reparation is so declared to be about, by the mere fact of the reality of our Enslaved Ancestors, by those that participated in Enslaving our Ancestors and did in fact profit by that evil act and still is profiting at this very moment and you tell me that Reparation is not about Money and our Return Home ?

What else could it be about that is not emerged in our misconceive notion about Reparation, making us to be so weighted down in america propaganda and the oppressors wants, are you suggesting that Reparation is about us children of the Middle passage becoming more ingrained in the Racism and unjustified Prejudice of white america, jews and all, misleading our people to believe that this water down Reparation is to seek resolution with and reconciliation from the Human Being that has destroyed Black Civilization in Afrika, is this what you are telling me that Reparation is all about, Trusting White Folks to render Justice to us, tell me, why is it always about us kissing up to the oppressors as if we are the villains ?

Tell me beloved, when you complete an honest days work, don't you expect to get paid ?

Are you suggesting that we dismiss compensation for the Honest and Brutal Hard Work our Enslaved Ancestors performed for this wicked Lucifer, so that we may look positive in the Devil Eyes, don't you know what has happen to our Enslaved Ancestors, could not have been done by a Divine Being, so it had to be done by the satanic action of those people referring to themselves as Human Beings.

Hell, we are the Children of our Enslaved Ancestors and they did not do no Harm or wrong in this matter of Enslavement, all of the fault, yes every ounce of Fault for our Ancestors being Kidnapped away from their home land, their mother and father, the fault is laying at the feet of the Pope, the Nation of Portugal, the Crown of England, the King of Spain and at the feet of George Washington and Lincoln, and the punishment, You say is not about Money, just attitude and behavior to be repaired, let me tell you and all who believe like that, our Enslaved Ancestors has risen from their Grave for the specific purpose to disown every child of the Middle Passage that is willing to settle for verbal apology from the most devious people on this Planet when it come to them having something to do with Black folks.

Reparation is about Money and us getting the Hell out of america and take our Black Behind Home, so that our Enslaved Ancestors can rest in peace as we proceed to become the next State in Afrika and assist in reclaiming the Ancestors Continent and assist in raising a Black Nation that has been placed in a Coma by those same people, where talk is about reconciling with, not on my watch beloved, even if I need to be the only Black Nationalist Garveyite to serve as a Gad Fly to the Devil Himself.


Is This Is Why Black Folks Are Afraid Of Reparation ? Well this Black Man is not, because he know the sacredness of Reparation.

Here Is Loving you

Chief Elder

Greetings Chief Elder,

You make a strong argument here as to why Blacks should fight for Reparations but it seems as though you have placed Reparations as equal to a payment. It would please me to know that you would ask for more than money if the congress came to you and ask you how they should make reparatyions to Black People or how they can repair the damage because Reparations is much more than money.

I see you state that reparations repreents the ending of Jena six incidents which is correct but there is much much more that has to be included in the African-American reparations Package, which we can agree omn following a process that would enable us to identify all of our problems and develop solutions. In keeping with respect for our ancestors and elders we should not settle for anything less!

Brotha Pruitt


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