Black Poetry : CHICAGO TYMEZ

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    Inside a city where the once proud stood
    now corrupted a badly neighborhood

    Crashing gangs up the block
    drugs passing like candy that's hot

    Children playing in the playlot
    only to see them scramble after gunshots

    Chicago has become a broken tale
    full of broken dreams like a deep spell

    The hood is rough and buck wild
    yet some are strong going the long mile

    Still there's some good in todays time
    neighborhood watch against bad crime

    Living inside the hood been a great task
    wondering how long will it last

    from todya's city big blast"
    chicago street, new forever clash

    Staying on stride with mental hope
    and away from this inner hood smoke

    That is full of crime beyond historical time
    from where the good of evil is nolonger blind

    Life of chicago tymez
    had taken over many black mindz

    Young to old people turn cold
    too afraid another name on da stroll

    Some walk and do it right
    some get down all night

    Some won't even come in da light
    yet some is willing to fight

    Da Chicago hard knock Tymez .