Black Education / Schools : Chicago Student breaks it down like it needed to be broke; puts the screws to the music teacher.

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    I remember feeling exactly the same way... exactly. We were just wasting away in our seats while many of our teachers just waddled around drunk with their authority over us.. and every now and then one of us would stand up and break the 4th wall shock the hell out of the teacher. Kids want to learn.. they want to do good.. they want to be successful.. and the truth is, many of the adults assigned to facilitate that, are just their for a paycheck. I can say that the majority of my teachers were that way.. just did not give a hoot either way about anything but their authority. But not all of them were that way.. and the ones that really cared about the kids... the kids loved them like family.. my 9th grade English teacher had ex-students coming to visit her almost every week.. kids that had graduated her class.. students from 20 years ago.. students from 2 years ago.. they would all come back and bring her flowers or help her with the class because she really cared about us.. and she showed it by preparing us for what would come after 9th grade.. and none of it was fluffy. She was the hardest teacher academically to get a passing grade from.


    this clip reminds me of all of that.. and it illustrates some things that need to be illustrated.
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    This is why a National Recommended Reading List could be so useful but probably why so many so called teachers would not want one. It would just help demonstrate how useless many of them are.

    Thinking as a Science (1916) by Henry Hazlitt



    Omnilingual (Feb 1957) by H. Beam Piper

    Scientific Language: H. Beam Piper’s “Omnilingual”

    Re-reading “Omnilingual,” an H. Beam Piper short story published in Analog in 1957 and collected in Federation, I decided it was the classic SF short story, the one everyone ought to re…


    To translate writings, you need a key to the code--and if the last writer of Martian died forty thousand years before the first writer of Earth was born ... how could the Martian be translated...?



    Badge of Infamy (Jun 1957) by Lester del Rey



    Badge of Infamy

    Shifting between Earth and Mars, Badge of Infamy focuses on the gripping tale of a former doctor who becomes a pariah due to being temporarily governed by emotion...

    1957 was the year of Sputnik, but it was launched in October. Both of these stories were published before the Sputnik launch. It was not until 1958 that the van Allen belts were discovered and 1965 that a probe sent to Mars discovered that the planet had no magnetic field and only one percent of Earth's atmospheric pressure. So this information changed our thinking about the chances of life developing on the planet and Mars stories from before 1965 would most likely have significant inaccuracies. But these are both decent and interesting stories nonetheless.

    The Fourth R (1959) by George O. Smith
    The Fourth "R" - George O. (George Oliver) Smith |

    How are children who know very little to start with supposed to find good books when most of the books are crap?

    Google has an ad for the Nexus 7 tablet using Moby Dick as an example. What good is a book from 1851 about men in sailing ships hunting whales? How about:

    Baen Ebooks

    Baen's eBook marketplace. eBooks with no DRM in every major format--for the Kindle, iPad, Nook, and more.