Black Poetry : Check Yes or No


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Dec 10, 2007
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Check Yes or No

Things were so simple back in the day
To get your attention I just looked your way
Da@n, he’s FINE…somebody I gotta know
Do you like me? Check Yes or No

Ima put on that sexy perfume when I step out of the bath
and wear that fly, sexy red dress just in case I cross his path
But I can’t let him know that I’m feelin’ his flow
Do you like me? Check Yes or No

While sitting in class he passes me a note
Wants to walk me to my next class and carry my books and coat
Boy you got me all messed up…starting to feel that glow
Do you like me? Check Yes or No

He said he would call me as he writes my number down
I’m peepin’ out his smooth skin…lookin’ all golden brown
I wonder if he thinks about me. I’d give anything just to know
Do you like me? Check Yes or No

He asked me to be his girl and I thought he was so fresh
Honored to be on his arm everyday it seemed like we just meshed
Fall and Spring Dance and Homecoming Ball
Matching shirts, holding hands and kissing in the hall
Late night phone calls talkin’ dirty after dark
Sneakin’ and freakin’ making out in the park
I didn’t know it then but back in the day was the best
He really did like me ‘cause his answer was yes
good for you

i see he said yes

i see he ain't stupid

cause i would have said yes too but it would have been more like


do it again

U took me way back to third & forth grade when the yes and no
was the answers we all gave it was so cool and simple then
puppy love and sweetest of friends it was grand back in the day
but look out today whewwwww!!!
i enjoyed this had me smiling all the way


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