Black People : Chavez gives US a choice, Venezuelan oil, or Colombian drugs


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Oct 4, 2009
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From the collective evidence of the past 23 years, it is no longer a conspiracy throry to state the US gov complicity in importing cocaine to aid the Contras,
therefore it doesn't take much speculation, as to the ulterior motives of bases beig set up in Colombia,
given thefact that neofascists, had aided the mob in drug trafficking sice the 40s,
and Chavez hard tance against such juntas

The recent president of Colombia was head of a DeathSquad

Published on Monday, July 26, 2010 by Agence France Presse
Venezuela's Chavez Threatens to Cut Off US Oil
CARACAS - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has threatened to cut off oil supplies to the United States if it were to back a Colombian military attack on Venezuela, warning Washington to stay out of the fray.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, pictured on July 24, threatened on Sunday to cut off oil supplies to the United States if it supports a Colombian military attack on Venezuela and warned Washington to stay out of the crisis. (AFP/File/Juan Barreto) Chavez broke off diplomatic relations with Bogota Thursday in response to charges by President Alvaro Uribe that 1,500 Colombian guerrillas had set up camp inside Venezuela and were launching attacks from its territory.

The firebrand leftist president said on Sunday he had intelligence that "the possibility of an armed aggression against Venezuelan territory from Colombia" was higher than it has been "in 100 years."

If Colombia were to launch an attack "promoted by the Yankee empire, we would suspend oil deliveries to the United States, even if everybody over here has to eat stones," he warned.

"We wouldn't send even a single drop of oil" to the United States, he said.

The United States is the number one consumer of oil from Venezuela, a


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Oct 4, 2009
owner of various real estate concerns
Published on Friday, July 30, 2010 by Inter Press Service
Report Suggests 'Correlation' between U.S. Aid and Army Killings
by Helda Martínez

BOGOTÁ - "There are alarming links between increased reports of extrajudicial executions of civilians by the Colombian army and units that receive U.S. military financing," John Lindsay-Poland, lead author of a two-year study on the question, told IPS.

Lindsay-Poland is Research and Advocacy Director for the U.S.-based Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR), which presented a new report, "Military Assistance and Human Rights: Colombia, U.S. Accountability, and Global Implications", in Bogotá Thursday.

The report, produced in conjunction with the U.S. Office on Colombia (USOC), studies the application in Colombia of the so-called Leahy Law, passed in 1996, which bans military assistance to a foreign security force unit if the U.S. State Department has credible evidence that the unit has committed gross human rights violations.

The Leahy Law is one of the main U.S. laws designed to protect against the use of U.S. foreign aid to commit human rights abuses.

"If the Leahy Law was fully implemented, assistance would have to be suspended to nearly all fixed army brigades and many mobile brigades in Colombia," Lindsay-Poland said.

The report points out that most military training in Colombia is funded by the U.S. Defence Department.

Colombia, caught up in an armed conflict for nearly five decades, is one of the largest recipients of U.S. military aid in the world, along with Israel, Egypt and Pakistan.

The study reviewed data on more than 3,000 extrajudicial executions reportedly committed by the armed forces in Colombia since 2002 and lists of more than 500 military units assisted by the United States since 2000.

"We found that for many military units, reports of extrajudicial executions increased during and after the highest levels of U.S. assistance," Lindsay-Poland said.

The results were obtained by comparing the number of reports of such killings in the two years prior to the start of Plan Colombia -- the multibillion-dollar U.S. military aid package -- in 2000 with the number of killings after the launch of that counterinsurgency and anti-drug strategy.

It also found that reports of alleged killings of civilians by the army dropped when assistance was cut.

"Whatever correlation may exist between assistance and reported killings, there are clearly other factors contributing to high levels of killings. Yet, while we could not fix the causes of increased reports of killings after increases in U.S. assistance, our findings highlight the need for a thorough investigation into the reasons for this apparent correlation," the authors say.

"The U.S. government should respond to the questions raised by the report," Lindsay-Poland said.

For example, "why U.S. officials neglect their duties under the Leahy Law, not only in Colombia but in countries like Pakistan, where the situation is very complex."


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Aug 9, 2003
Two million Afrocolumbians are either in the crosshairs of the rival leftists and right wing paramilitary groups, on their lands and/or in the cities etc. some fled to...

U. S. complicity via that crap easily reveals the lies they spread to justify their bankrupt bogus 'war on drugs' too...

Simply put:

What did and does characterize Uncle Sammy's ties to everybody and everything:


And greed breeds STUPIDITY...

Anybody with active brain cells shouldn't have believed the outright invasion/occupation of Iraq had nothing to do with those 9/11/01 attacks either...

Some 'war against terrorism' etc.

Instead new power players...

And one of the old ones who is living in the past...



The threat Chavez is responding to via the here and now is oh too real...


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