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    Chattel Slavery

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Here is an institution that the Human Being constructed and attended to, so that it will serve the best interest of a people that within their own Evil mind had indoctrinated themselves to be a people that have a special place in God Presence and was/is the apple of their God Eye, they constructed a Mentality of themselves as being superior over a People that wore not the Fairness, the transparency of a pigment they wore, and they did consider that fact to be a sign that elevated them to be God children, and those that wore a coat that resemble the Perfect Night as a pigment, they claimed it to be a cloak of evil and by those people with the fair pigment, referring to themselves as Human Beings, having the Mind of being superior and represent the higher intelligence on the level of physical reality, caused them to display an attitude and behavior that could do no wrong toward the people with the Darker Pigment, meaning, that they judge the appearance of the Pigment to have a Spiritual significance, which it does, but not by their standard.

    The Human Being was successful in changing all things Natural, claimed it to have less value to that which is an evolve action from a mutative process, thus the lighter the pigment the closer to their God they be, teaching you that all that is of an illuminated pigment is superior over those people whose energy is intrinsic in a laser like fashion within the Dark pigment which we wear, resembling the Perfect Night.

    It was and is because of the Human Being Mind that cause the institution of Chattel Slavery to be established and implemented without the condemnation of a After thought call the conscious, a mental energy that condemn Evil anti natural behavior, coming from a Mind that is lack of Divinity in its action.

    Only a evil anti-natural Mind could have perceive of the want to reduce a creature of the Perfect Night to that which was to be treated less than their Natural identity required of them to be treated, as they were brought forth into the physical world wearing the Blackness out of which such Material Elements is conceived and birth into a material Matter of fact, on the physical level, and the Human Being so declared such a Being to be less of importance and they so claimed those creatures to be their property, so they ( white people ) proceeded to the Land of those Black Divine Beings, with intent to capture them as they would an animal and take them to a far and distant land, which they had taken from a people resembling not themselves in term of their pigment, attitude, and behavior, because to the now established Human Being, calling themselves white Caucasian, claiming that they are the superior intelligent Being, now having the evil right to disrespect all others that do not wear their pigment coat, to them, they could do no wrong.

    In the 1500's there begin the most evil display of attitude and behavior toward the Black Being that reside on this planet and was here before all other Beings, claiming intelligence, they being full of Trust and Compassion, a Temperament that was to serve to the cessation of the Divine Mind of those people in Black pigment.

    The Human Being, all dressed up in their White pigment coat, they came to the place where they received their learning that qualified and elevated them to be able to claim themselves to be an intelligent White Being, which prove that intelligence and acting Divinely Civilized is not synonymous in action.

    In the place the Human Being call Afrika, the Human Being did come and they came acting out the evil that is seemly inherit within the mind that worship physical matter, a mind so innately associated with those people calling themselves White, they are those people that captured our Black Ancestors in Afrika and took them away from a domicile they were familiar with, but not without a Fight that caused Millions of our Black Ancestors Death, pain, and suffering, having performed upon them all sorts of devious sexual acts and you tell me that this type of a behavior toward our Enslaved Ancestors, that we should not be prone to remember and detest, how foolish Black Folks have become, they that promote such a forgetfulness about the era of Chattel Slavery.

    I will continue to Mourn our Enslaved Ancestors until either I am gone or Justice is rendered to them for the Suffering they had to endure, our Enslaved Ancestors Grave yard is the Genome of which we are a party to, and we are an extension of that flow from the Genes of our Enslaved Ancestors, we do posess, and any so call Black Afrikan that can not feel the pain and suffering of our Enslaved Ancestors, whether you made the trip through the Middle Passage or not, if you are not in mourning up to this day, then that serve as evidence that you no longer occupy the Mind left to you by our Ancient Divine Black Ancestors and it be no wonder Afrika and Black people lives are in the condition it is in today, having you to care less about your own victimization by the Human Being, they you now confess to be a mental extension of.

    Reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors is not a made up civil Rights issue, it is an action that represent an experience that our Enslaved Ancestors become the evidence of that reality, and you tell me that you do not experience being insulted every time this evil Human Being responsible for Enslaving our Black Ancestors, tell you that they have no responsibility to apologize for their evil action performed against our Enslaved Ancestors thus against every black so call Afrikan and pay to our Enslaved Ancestors, Reparation, to serve as a jester of good will?

    The call for Reparation is not about a hand out or a social gift or grant, it is about a Duty bound debt the Human Beings owe to our Enslaved Ancestors and there are some so call Black Afrikans that are not qualified to hear the cry nor feel the pain of our Enslaved Ancestors telling us to not allow such devilish evil go unpunished, as they say the Debt is owed because the work has been performed under the most evil of circumstance of raping, and mutilating the Black Woman, Child, girl and Boy, as well as Black Men, the Human Being is a very sexual Orgy creature, Homo-pedophilia performing Creature, all such acts performed against our Enslaved Family and you tell me that we have no Right of respect to be apologized to, and our Enslaved Ancestors to be compensated for having to experience such evil treatment, while they labor in their fields from sun up to sun down?.

    To Hell with your Regrets and phony remorse, having not the Divine decency to give respect to the very people that pulled you up off of your none bathing behind and civilized yourselves and now after treating our Enslaved Ancestors as your property, you that be of the Human Being status, having not the sentiment to respect Black people enough to acknowledge your Evil deeds, performed against us, and the Debt owed to our Enslaved ancestors, as we their children carry the scar from that devilish institution call Chattel Slavery and you expect me to forget my past?.

    I have no interest or desire to know whom you be that carry the blood of our Enslaving captors, what is so important about that, I know what happen in the action of Chattel Slavery, I live with that pain, knowledge, and vision every day, all the Human Being can do for Justice for our Enslaved Ancestors and their children, is to pay our enslaved Ancestors Reparation, paving the way for our Return back to our Enslaved Ancestors Home Land and their children becoming the next established State in so call Afrika, and yes, the Afrikan in Afrika that did not physically make the Middle passage Journey, is in fact responsible to share the Land of our Enslaved Mother and Fathers, or is it that you have become to Humanized to acknowledge such a Divine Right due to us ?

    Chattel Slavery, we should allow to live in infamy within the Divine Mind of the Divine Black Being.

    The Divine Truth, Black Folks Despise The Divine Truth, in favor of the profane Lie as told by the devilish Human Being.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder
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