Chief Elder Osiris : Chattel Slavery Was / Is A Crime Against Black People

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    Chattel Slavery Was / Is A Crime Against Black People And Not Humanity

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    I must admit that the selection of Barack Obama was a brilliant move by the criminals against Black People and the right of our Enslaved Ancestors to Reparation, because the criminals intent is to eradicate all claim for Reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors, because by selection of Barack Obama for President of the United States is to be measured to be the equivalent to the paying Reparation to Black people in the Diaspora and is here by way of the Middle Passage.

    Yes, Yes, Barack Obama is to represent to be Reparation payment to Black People in America and Black people seem to have received this check without checking to see if it is cash-able and the cash received is reputable and equal to Black People receiving our Liberation with the Divine Right to return to Afrika as the next established State and the return of the Black Afrikan as a United Black Nation and the Black Afrikan assuming full authority over the Continent of Afrika.

    If Barack Obama does not represent such principles of action serving as Black People Reparation, then Obama must be made to know that there are Black Afrikan People in America and is here by way of the Middle Passage, who do not operate under the expression of Ignorant Intelligent but is moved by and is protected by the expression of Divine Intelligence and it is that quality of Intelligence that allow certain quality of Black People to settle for Obama to be acceptable Reparation payment to our Enslaved Ancestors.

    Beloved it is not enough to be for Reparation because to be for something require that you be willing to fight for that something and in this case, Reparation is that something.

    Barack is attempting to bridge the gap between all of the enemies of Black People but he is not Mental equipped to Demand Justice for our Enslaved Ancestors, with that Justice to come in the form of Reparation, something that he is not qualified to Justly Represent to Black People, because Reparation signify Chattel Slavery, our Enslaved Ancestors serving to be the Victims of that evil institution, making it to be a crime against not Humanity but against Black Afrikan People.

    You know what beloved, the reason why Black Afrikan People have it so hard in our Lives, is because we Black People are always allowing the very people responsible for Black People problem of injustice and Racism, to classify our lives ailment, such a spirit among Black people have been a common fixture in the Life of the Black Afrikan, allowing the criminal to be the same people to determine who such a crime as Chattel Slavery was against and who it effected, and against whom such an evil Racist Crime as Chattel Slavery was against, as for as the victims are concern.

    I am here to inform you Black Afrikan People that Chattel Slavery was not a crime against Humanity, it was Humanity that constructed and implemented the institution of Chattel Slavery against the Black Afrikan People, and not until Black People begin to become honest about our illness, we will remain students of the Human Beings, allowing Humanity to define and declare who it was that suffered at the Hand of the institution of Chattel Slavery enforcers.

    Our Enslaved Ancestors suffering, is not to be played with, and **** show must not be minimized to be reduced to be lied about in term of who it was that the Crime of Chattel Slavery effected, and who it was against, and it most certainly was not against Humanity.

    Hell, it was the Slave Masters Humanity that so declared that our Enslaved Ancestors was not of their Human Equivalent, they declared that our Enslaved Ancestors were in value less than their Live stock, but was on the same level as them.

    So Hell No! the action of Chattel Slavery was a direct crime against the Black Afrikan People, not poor people, not people of color, not Indians, not White Indenture Servants, Not Jew or Gentile, but against Black Afrikan People, so whenever there is a sincere Demand to go out concerning those who have earned the payment of Reparation, and to whom such a restitution is to be paid too, and against whom that very barbaric Crime of Chattel Slavery was against, then all proud Black Warriors in pursuit of Justice to be carried out against the Human criminals, they that carried out the act of Enslaving, not Humanity, but our Black Afrikan Ancestors, against whom the Crime of Chattel Slavery was in fact against.

    You see beloved, that is the problem with Black Afrikan People, we be so willing to allow the evil of Humanity to define everything about our do nothing Black behind, always waiting to follow the lead of the very people that is responsible for us being in such a following position today, and we willingly submit to that low status, because Humanity now have Black people not knowing who in Hell that we are today, and when a Race of people have lost sight of the Divine Knowledge about ourselves, then such Black people become a slave to the very people responsible for the ignorant intelligent that we express about ours Black Afrikan selves today.

    Black People will not get Reparation telling lies about who it is that is responsible for giving Black People a cause for Demanding Reparation, there is no empirical evident of fact, that anybody can point to, that will verify that the action of Chattel Slavery was a crime against Humanity, if such is the case, then tell me, who was it that acted out the role of the criminal that committed the crime against the victims of Chattel Slavery?

    Beloved, Chattel Slavery was and still remain today, to have been a Crime against our Black Afrikan Ancestors, descendants from, not Human Beings, but from Divine Beings.

    So in actuality, Chattel Slavery was a crime against Divine Black Beings, committed by Human Beings.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Beloved, only the foolish Afrikan will attempt to challenge the Divine Truth and in this instance the Divine Truth has been revealed, and I most certainly will not defend against a Fool, to do so, will reveal that you are no different than the fool that is revealing a fool mind belief, and it is the Wise that know, that a fool can not be Divinely Reasoned With, because if could be, then there will be no fool to contend with, but if so, it must be done from a distance of observation and not with confrontation.

    Reparation is to Sacred of an issue to allow the criminal to confuse you about it, and for the Racist elements of Humanity to persuade Black People to believe that the act of Chattel Slavery was in fact not against Black People but was against the very Human Beings that constructed the institution of Chattel Slavery, and they did so for the specific purpose to Enslave Black Afrikan People, such an act and claim in and of itself is down right criminal and Racist, because it is our Black Afrikan Ancestors that was Enslaved, and they serve as proof to be the fact of that matter of Chattel Slavery, and such an act being a crime against Black Afrikan People.

    You either can take this Divine Truth or you can choose to Fake it, but the Divine Truth remain alone, as it is, in the company of Divine Reality.

    Black people are the biggest stumble block to our Enslaved Ancestors receiving their Reparation, than the Criminal who is to pay those Reparation.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    We must recapture our Spirituality*


    It is a absolute "Fact"...that we are destroyed by the system of white supremacy and it's religion of "Chattel Slavery" that is called by other names and made to look and seem holy to keep control over our collective black minds.

    Every one who lives in the U.S. today are all slaves to the system of white supremacy and in particular the so-called African who has suffered the worst treatment of any human in the history of the Planet;..for 500 years we have known nothing except this continued Slavery.

    We must and will have to Free order to ever become free enough to even know our selves as a people of so-called African decent.

    We have been totally destroyed by the system that raped, robbed, murdered, kidnapped and brought us here for one reason and one reason only and that is Chattel Slavery and nothing else what so ever.

    It was never the idea of the whites that we ever be released from them...but to serve them eternally for ever. This is why they are so upset today to see that after all has been said and done to us...we still are managing to some how "Liberate" ourselves from their control...however slowly.

    They are not happy or ever will be happy to see black people go free of them to control our own destiny and the recapturing of our natural ... Spirituality. Because once we do this they can never force us to return to be under their control again.

    The scientist know that this is inevitable but still they try and stop what can not be stopped. They know that this is our time to rise and return to our collective purpose that we are created for. But we don't need to worry ourselves about what they think...but what we think is the only thing that matters as we return to our Spirituality / Purpose as a people.

    Fear and intimidation is all that they have...that keeps control over our minds with false, distortions of fake white images of divine that teaches us the fire and brimstone of any who think to leave their control.

    They teach us that we will suffer...even more than we have already suffered at their hands...and we will go to hell...if we don't listen to them. This is the farthest thing from the fact there is no truth in any of it what so ever...because it is Corruption. Corruption always goes down hill !!

    We must free our selves in order to liberate ourselves from being enslaved by any matter what that thing is. In the mean time it is most necessary to "Purge" our minds of all false ideas that cause us to be enslaved to fabrications that are made to make a human into a slave with out the person even knowing that he / she is now a slave in excepting willingly false images of divine.

    This is volunteer slavery...ware you have excepted your condition and don't know any better and don't want to know any better than being the slave that you are.

    Every one in the U.S. are Slaves to the system...even so-called average poor whites...that are used by the controllers or ultra-rich ruling class as a buffer between them and us (blacks) and given only a false white privilege to make them (whites) think they are better than you...but they don't have little control over what happens to themselves...either.