Chief Elder Osiris : Chattel Slavery Require Reparation

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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters and Brothers:

    Beloved to study Reparation is to imply a certain unawareness of its origin,
    meaning and purpose, thus to debate/study, whether or not such an action is
    and will be justified in the appropriation of Reparation, is moot.

    Reparation is the end result of an action and it is the need to study the
    cause and effect of an action that has led to the justification for the
    call/demand for Reparation.

    It need to be a call for incorporating the study of Chattel Slavery into the
    institution of learning, on all levels, in a control setting of
    instructional discourse, then we will in fact end up addressing, not
    studying the need for Reparation.

    Reparation has been so maligned to the point that confusion and not order
    now emanate out from such a divine and sacred issue.

    Beloved, to be able to understand the need for action in the effort to
    obtain Reparation, we must know and understand clearly the cause and effect
    that has caused such a need for Reparation.

    Therefore such an effort require us Afrikans to know as well as understand
    the True origin and original status of the True Afrikan Proper, as well as
    know and understand the cause and effect of Chattel Slavery and with such
    knowledge and understanding, there will be no ignorance or misunderstanding
    about the justified need for Reparation, which is to come to the Children of
    the Middle - Passage, the route Chattel Slavery traveled.

    So, tell me beloved, is it enough for Justice in behalf of Afrika and the
    Afrikans, for the Children of the Middle-Passage to identify and associate
    with Afrika from a selfish and irrational emotional want to return?

    Is it not so, that there is a prescribed way for the Children of the
    Middle-Passage, must return back to their original domicile, Afrika?

    Tell me my beloved, what does it benefit Afrika and the Afrikan, should we
    return home without Reparation and its proper use of it.

    Afrikans returning home with only their pension, professional and vocational
    experience, is not and will not be enough to benefit Afrika and all Afrikans
    and such is what Reparation is designed to do, it is to be used to restore,
    reclaim and reconstruct the whole of Afrika and the Afrikans, therefore
    there is a procedure and a process that must be adhered to, with and by the
    action which Reparation will provide.

    Beloved, is it not a fact that Afrika and the Afrikans are now under the
    control of something other than ourselves and is it not a fact that those
    who now control Afrika and the Afrikans do not reside in Afrika, so what
    does it profit Afrika, should a group of Afrikans in america return to
    Afrika without the proper tools to cause an effective change in the
    landscape and scio-economic and political Structural systems that now govern
    and control the Afrikan physical and Mental State?

    The responsibility is much greater upon the Children of the Middle Passage,
    than a simple want to return home to Afrika, it all has to do with how we
    are to return and it most certainly does not depend on our little petty
    irrational emotional wants, running back to Afrika, unprepared to contribute
    to the need of Afrika and the Afrikans and that need rest in the Liberation
    and independence of Afrika and the Afrikan and such is what Reparation
    represent, whether we like it or not.

    So beloved, Reparation represent the conclusion of the study of that which
    it represent, which is Chattel Slavery and the victims thereof, which happen
    to be our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors.

    To study Chattel Slavery and to receive a clear knowledge and understanding
    of such a dangerous and evil institution, will in fact give cause to those
    who really understand the cause and effect of Chattel Slavery, to know and
    understand the True meaning and purpose for which Reparation is to serve to
    the Children of the Middle-Passage, which is to Repatriate back to Afrika
    with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, with a justified Right to become not
    just settlers in Afrika, but the next additional State in Afrika and from
    such a position of power and independence, give cause for us to be obligated
    in assisting in bringing about the Liberation of Afrika and the Afrikan

    Afrika and the Afrikan, must be restored back to her original state of life
    living, that is if the world is to ever return back to the order it lived
    when Afrika and the Afrikan was in harmony and balance with God, Universal
    elements and Beings and it is so ordained that Reparation/Repatriation,
    en-mass ( the chosen among us ) and Nation State Status for the Children of
    the Middle Passage, is to make it so!!!

    It Is Time to Condemn the Lie and elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    It Is The Black Fool Who Say I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( Osiris )

    I Come, I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On.

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation

    Honor,Respect And Praise To The Honorable Marcus Garvey

    Afrikan Spiritualist, Hierophand,Political Revolutionary
    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
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    let the truth be told here , thanks for the enlightment
    i'm listening