Black Poetry : Charmed by A Vampire

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    Charmed by A Vampire

    I’m down with the plain truth I can hear the rain on my roof
    Didn’t have to stain to hear but plain fear vampire bat is proof
    Equipped with a cross it wants to rip it off bite my nek little bit
    Pride grew weak almost liquefied by the heat of its stare it’s
    Drastic like melted plastic could be in a casket before sun up
    He travel for pleasure just to unravel my treasure and then suck
    My blood can’t duck this thug bat he snap my bling so corrupt
    When it claps its wing like a duck, oh whats up with the claws of hate
    I’m not dreaming blood in my body hot and streaming bat awaits
    To take my soul wearing a holy cross he slowly backs off bait
    Is all I am, not faking I was awakened to its clever fangs I hate
    It’s leather wings, all around its freakier usually a sound sleeper
    But not tonight not a true bright atmosphere when a bat is here sneakers
    Glued to the floor can’t move it has a charm of harm blood
    Thirsty, situation curse me, worse to be still to come I rub
    My forehead before I’m dead must make a will before the kill
    Sweat from my cranium pour my heart has a titanium core still
    Face fright if only I can erase this sight can taste the flight of death
    Could see the birds soar because I’m on the third floor get no rest
    The pendulum on the clock roar now someone knocks at the door
    A thug galore but need rugs on this bare floor feet cold and sore
    It was a hypnotic grip feel like narcotics rip through my bloodstream
    Tonight a fight true as the bat eyes are bright blue its flight knew extreme
    Of my where about couldn’t escape its stare it will take care
    And collect its needs and now neck bleeds as its fangs are bare
    Its stare bruised me
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    When it bite my feelings can't fight
    so into the light from last night
    i try to ban the wings of it's klan
    da thug bat in it's killing hat sit and stare
    in such hypnotic glair like snoopy
    every dog got it's day just before flight
    it takes another bite leave me out tonight
    they call it da love bite
    it comes like cats who is whack on blood
    suckin up love or neck hug is proof but this
    joint was phat and dat is dat from da top roof
    who my hogan hero now !