Black People : Charlston Church Shooter Dylan Roof Receives $4 Million In Donations By Supporters

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May 7, 2009
"...Supporters of Dylan Roof across America have banded together to fund
raise for Roof's legal protection"

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I saw this coming nevertheless, I think it would not be a good thing for Black people to just ignore the fact that he would be supported for his acts. I is so telling and surreal that his name is "Dylann STORM Roof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dylan Storm Roof!

I'm wondering was this name given to him at birth? It's seems so, and this should not be overlooked. He has been prepped by someone, he is not acting alone. It's sad though but, he committed human sacrifice and yet, he too has sacrificed his life for a cause and he knew before he did it, that he would be regarded as a hero by the Stormfront organizations that are as old as this government and much older. I hope that Black people don't overlooked the issue of his name because it says it all.


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Dec 27, 2013
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