Black Poetry : Charles Dickens Christmas Carol


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May 11, 2006
Charles Dickens Christmas Carol

Have a privilege to rhyme and write true lines right now try be merry
In this library reading Charles Dicken the supense thicken can’t bury
These thoughts I yelled “humbug” as a dumb thug thought I saw a ghost
“excuse me have to keep your voice down” “yes mam” my brain is toast
Got to walk home alone grabbed the cell phone no answer oh dang most
Of the time mom is home must be calm and strong this Chrismas Carol
Stuff is too much these ghost can do a true search on me like King Herald
Done for Baby Jesus, scary my pride stalked on a sidewalk took slow steps
No help this place be city and like P diddy been a badboy so a sad toy crept
My way think Santa sent him had my hand on my glock don’t understand
This absurd block I heard shots this ghost still coming at me dang I ran
Then took out my glock and shot didn’t stop him dmn I’m abuzz cuzz
I kick it wearing bling but this is a wicked thing all ofa sudden there it was
The ghost of Christmas Past he was proud of stalking and loud talking
In my eardrum didn’t wanna hear none of what he’s saying started walking
Home I feared but it all disappeared you mean this was just my imagination


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May 11, 2006
no love while I flow thug bless and annoint like West point have cats marching in formation watching the domination of my ill lyrics, say jive but stay alive six months without eating no doubt defeating many no dang harmony in this army of who done what have fun but no good outcome,my route from danger to anger no stranger to the streets they eat the weak,now I'm over Brooklyn and looking down as superman wearing a great cape with an S on my chest


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May 25, 2001
Sixburgh, Pa.
Spreading Joy.... need some?
Hi Rhymebad...

Its amazing how reading words has an ability to take our imagination on journeys.
I guess that's why I enjoy playing with them so much. Some like building with blocks,
but it seems you, like I enjoy building with words.

Thanks for sharing your journey on words with us.


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