Black Poetry : Character Assassination


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Feb 15, 2001
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Frustration swings like a pendulum,
rocking me from side to side with
slow bits of anger and daft refusal.
The war rages on as my carnal character
wrestles, grapples and attacks that
despicable morally conscious creature
that is the other side of me; the one
people approve of and is welcomed
with trust into the lives of others.
He angers me because he thwarts my
libido and slices my virility at the cord,
leaving me watering and panting hard,
but defeated by such a puny force.
My member is stiff with penetration power
and desires and that attraction in my eyes and thighs.
Just for the moment, for a minute, a nanosecond
of pure penetration into her unknowing soul;
deep, liquid and pressed against the bone
feeling her pubis pulverized against my pubis,
spinning a gradual slow dance of the flesh,
feeling her radiation inside out, outside in
her deeply, drained, emptied, sucked dry.
An arid finish among flowing rivers,
but the fight continues and libido is losing
to a stronger character, despite my wishes and
I find I cannot raise sufficient force to kill him.
don't fight the SELF in you...

and never stiffle SELF by trying to be someone you're not. this could only lead to the exploding of self...or the killing of others out of the frustration of self. leave self along to be who self will be...and allow the libido to run free........

yeal, you know the way.

you always lay it down, Ra.

It is hard

I want to do wrong and I hate that side of me that cancels out my do wrong side, especially when it is what I want, but I cannot kill it--some times I wound it, but I can never kill it, and so, I keep fighting the fight trying to let my carnal side override my decent side knowing which ever side wins, I ultimately feel like I lost anyway--Ra


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