Metu Neter - Vols I - II - III : Chapter 1 - Preface and Introduction


Mar 19, 2017
if you want to self initiate in Ghana call the new york office and they will guide you.

We are already enrolled in the Ausarian-Ra Initiation system online.
We been through 2 lessons already and are subscribed for the subsequent 7months equivalent of lessons.

Now dealing with both Ua Ab and 1st level hekau meditation.
What we need, I mean friends and I, is oracle consultation. I hope the Philly people may have somebody willing to help in that direction.

On our own, there is a lot to do that requires not just due diligence but considerable time to be ready to attempt it. Well considerable is relative as compared to consulting an existing expert.

Thanks again.

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Implementation and Sustainment
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