Black Poetry : Channel Love @ 8:00 pm "Contented Configurations" (@8:30 "Orion's Osculation)


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Mar 19, 2001
I pose on her mental mantle
statued in a contented configuration
sweating from her blazing soul
looking at my reflection in her third eye's Iris
I wonder...
what is she pondering?
after wandering through boxes
of unmet satisfaction
left behind by figurines before me
she decides to throw what remains
to the fire /for warmth/ to make the
most out of "at the time nothing"

In the excitement of her Spring cleaning
during the Winter she picks me up
and in mid-pitch
I am not the prized possession of Rodin*
but, "her" most prized obsession the
thinking man
whose visual vestibules shields her from
contemptuous tears, the birthchildren
of faux "I love yous"

she places me back on the mantle
and closes her eyes /so I/ can catch
the lovedust of her thoughts.

(c)2001 blakverb

* Auguste Rodin, French sculptor


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