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    According to the teachings and spiritual writings of the oldest people on the earth from who we are directly descended, the "Creator" is known as the Neter(Ntr). According to the spiritual writings of our ancestors called the "Medu Neter", the Neter (Creator) exist within the "Neteru" (which we are). The Neteru has ability and the potential to manifest the Neter.

    As such, our ancestors developed a system of "spiritual development" for just that purpose. To outsiders it was and still is called "the mystery system". The very idea of our people recognizing that the Neter existed in the Neteru caused our ancestors to develop "THEOCRATIC" civilizations and societies that lasted well over 50,000 years non stop until the first invasion of the Hyksos/Haribu/Hebrews/Jews occurred in 1675 b.c. Civilizations that even today have not been morally equalled.

    The writings of so called European Egyptologist can not be trusted, for when the list of Kings and dynasties was related to them by Meren Juhuti the egyptian priest that we now call Manetho, they insisted that his time scale and dynasties had to be incorrect. As such, they constructed their own list which the world follows today. How can a civilization date the 1st. dynasty at 3200 b.c. and then tell us the calendar was developed in Egypt at 4200 b.c. while forgetting that a civilization had to be in place long before that in order to study the heavens to develop the calendar.

    Yet in just Khemet/Egypt alone, our ancestors stated that they had 9,000 years of written history and 8,000 years of oral history. This is important because many may not know that Egypt is not the mother or father of Africa. Egypt is the "CHILD" of Africa. There are at least 5 or more civilizations that existed before Egypt from which Egypt came.

    I state this to make known how old our ancestors spiritual writings are that pre-date all religious books by thousands of years. Even in the so called Book of the Dead incorrectly named, European so called Egyptologist admit that many of the writings existed before there was even a 1st. dynasty in Egypt.

    Now if I was part of a family, it would be most foolish of me to go outside my house to ask anyone about my mother and father and brothers and sisters. And it also stands to reason for those of us who have not been too OVERLY CONDITIONED OR BRAINWASHED, that "if i can sit back and read the story of others who have historically oppressed, conquered and enslaved us, and who have proven themselves to be our historic enemy...then why can't I also read and study what "OUR OWN PEOPLE HAD TO SAY AND WROTE" before any of these other people even existed on the planet"???

    Since many of us acknowledge that every existing religion stole, borrowed and plagiarized the writings of our ancestors now found in all religious books, it becomes important to study the religious books to see what is consistent with what our people wrote. The Bible caontains many things extracted from Khemet. The entire dietary laws found in the so called books of Moses are Egyptian to the core...for according to "Acts 7:22" Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians.

    Since there were 142 commandments or negative confessions in Egypt of which 42 were mandatory to follow and which existed in Egypt thousands of years before the birth of Moses, we can clearly acknowledge based upon Acts 7:22 that he had to have learned them. This also rules out the fake Biblical story of God giving Moses 10 commandments on the mountain top. Clearly God could not give Moses 10 of anything that he already knew and had learned which was an integral essence of the civilization in which he was raised.

    Moses simply used 10 of the commandments because 10 was all that the people he was dealing with could handle, and they really couldn't handle that. Obviously he was dealing with a savage and unlearned people, for those of us who believe that story. (there is a reality that matches up with that story and i can tell you historically that he was dealing with white people or as they were called in the old days, "lepers") However it was not until he was dealing with them that he changed his name to Moses, for this was not the name that he is HISTORICALLY DOCUMENTED TO HAVE HAD BEFORE HE CHANGED IT.

    ADOLPH HITLER ONCE SAID THAT: "IF YOU TELL A STORY BIG ENOUGH, LOUD ENOUGH AND LONG ENOUGH, THE PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE IT" This is our problem today as it relates to religion and religious books. We've been subjected to a big, loud and long told story which we believe to be true when it actually isn't. A lie may not have a leg to stand upon but it has wings and can fly far.

    In the mean time we follow the lie and as such, have become victims of spiritual control and manipulation which leaves us powerless and at the mercy of the all powerful priesthood (false ministry) who is controlled by government which uses all means to maintain and stay in power. in our case; "white supremacy or domination". as long as we have this "punk a**" image and erroneous concept of Jesus and an after life where we can get our rewards, no one has to worry about us doing, changing, moving against or restructuring anything in this one. It's bad enough that the story of Jesus is a false one taken from our people almost 10,000 years ago that we've been faked out to accept as real.

    After all, we can always tell our children the same old sh** we were told and let the status quo remain as it is while we die, suffer and continue to wait on a reality that not only goes against what our people wrote, but goes against the Bible and the Qu'ran in terms of where heaven is and where God is. No wonder we're now at the bottom !!!
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    Very Well Written My Love...:welldone: