Black Poetry : Changez

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    My body is goin through a lot of changez,
    And I have a lot of important decisions to make,
    The world is changin every day,
    My life will never be the same again,
    Without having to fear 4 my life,
    Or 4 my family and friends,
    I hope this war is gonna end,
    I don't wanna lose everything that I have,
    I just wanna guide myself to the right path,
    To be myself, and trying to live life normal,
    Living life to da fullest, that's what we all want,
    I can only pray to god, for the sake of my life,
    And others across this country who want to survive,
    We're scared and don't wanna lose our lives,
    To these ridiculous terrorists,
    No more civilians to get hurt,
    No more innocent people,
    This is the biggest mistake known to man,
    I hope and pray this war is gonna end.