Black People : CHANGE_LASTING CHANGE_Has to be from the Grass Roots

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    I hear many say they need change. I see those who advocate change.
    I see those that move out front, and act as spokes persons for the Black community
    It seems many times it has been someone that is a pastor.

    One of Trump’s top black allies plans to urge him to disavow the KKK

    Pastor Mark Burns is planning to have a talk with Donald Trump about the Ku Klux Klan on Sunday. Burns is one of a number of black pastors who supports Trump’s presidential campaign and met with him last December. Since then, Burns has been...

    COLUMBIA, S.C. — Pastor Mark Burns is planning to have a talk with Donald Trump about the Ku Klux Klan on Sunday.

    Burns is one of a number of black pastors who supports Trump’s presidential campaign and met with him last December.
    Could it be that some of our lasting social change that was amassed, Cumulated by Dr. King, a Pastor. Has these Pastors today thinking, do as he did. Be a voice for the masses. It worked, before for social change. Dr. King did it, it was genius. Dr. King stood out as one voice, it cost him his life.

    Coming after Dr. King change to some of these pastors believe they can be effective as our spokes persons. We have had Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and now these pastors.

    Looking for a leader. That is the problem. What is clearly known is as soon as one steps up, out of line so to speak. They will be taken out. So these representatives scrap the bottom of nothing... substantial.

    They are humored, then ridiculed and finally disposed of. The media and the American government says.. NEXT!

    What changed things when Dr. King marched in Montgomery was, our parents marched and were with him when he advocated the bus boycott. The boycott worked, was viable, because the Black Community that were riding the buses were fed up with being stripped daily of their dignity.
    It worked. Effective, very effective. Polling Tax eliminated, other laws tha restricted voting, like home ownership, A Voting Rights Bill established, Hotels, Restaurants, Bathrooms, and Lunch Counters. Not enough!

    All of the road maps, all of the well structured plans, will not work without the grass roots. US!
    What was the boycott?

    An ECONOMIC BLOW against the establishment.
    Lets not overlook simplicity.

    Economics when the economy, and businesses that keep us marginalized are hit economically. They change. They change policy, they change law. they change and pressure government. that boycott took just over a year. we have been waiting a few decades for some relief of some sorts.

    Simplicity... no need to take to the streets. No need to look for a voice. No need to allow those stepping up, muddling what is really needed to ruin that. Sell short.

    Simplicity...Micheal Jackson sang make a Change. He said.
    Simplicity... ECONOMICS, the boss threatens everyone one of us. With that loss of income. Effective, very effective. That employee is controlled and does performs better, hoping they don't get impacted economically.

    Simplicity...Grass Roots Now. To Help Black Lives Matters, to support The President, to support Any Man / Woman out there dying, Speaking up at this time. In honor of all those slaved, all of those who fought, and came before us.

    ECONOMICALLY... Make a Change. SIMPLICITY...

    • Would you not buy fireworks and celebrate the Fourth of July?
    • Would you not watch the Basketball, Baseball games, attend the Stadium events, watch Football, buying any gifts you want for your children in July instead of Christmas, they are cheaper.
    • Live your life, just effect economically everything, anything you do off schedule. For the Remainder of 2016.
    • Instead spend time with your family, friends and shop or don't shop, but press all you can on any economics you control.
    Starting with the Man, Woman in the Mirror.
    This action will also influence the next election!

    Dont be a victim of a selfish kind of love
    At the Finish we Celebrate.
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    That would mean The KKK would own the American Armed forces, all the bombs, The UN, You your mom and your kids, everything you got and all the sub countries are included like the Philippines............. It is so said that we know all this and can't do nothing about it... well maybe?