Black Poetry : Change

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    I you are born coming from the darkness of my Ancestral Mother's Womb
    As I come into the awareness of this reality I'm faced with a lack of understanding...
    in a dimlit world
    Yes ! It troubles me , for we as a people too far apart...have lost desire to feel while
    allowing negativity to engulf the heart of our blackness , blinding sight , yet misleading...
    some of our men !
    CHANGE is something that starts from within ! The least one can do is listen
    Don't fight against me ! I AM...of the struggle coming from the darkness of my Ancestral
    Mother's Womb ! Society has always labled the Black Woman as being strong , and if she's
    righton her worries are that which incarcerates her man and those she loves...while burying
    a her child...labled a thug ! She may become weak , but her spirit won't break even in the
    eye of life's storms she strives to survive under the worst of conditions she...bears it all !
    MOTHER , WIFE , LOVER , WHORE ...her story is told over and over !
    Realizing there must be change as a people one day we've got to pull it together !
    When we continue to ignore that which we truly face
    A CHANGE within...will never take place . Sheryl D. Martin aka Seoria Meyanie