Black People : Change Through Fiction

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    I'mma make this short cause I gotta eat but I just wanted to say after all the stuff I read on here, I am glad I chose the goal I chose in life which is writing epics. The main book I'm writing is not based in this world but there a distinction between races and their origins sort've similar to the drama and controversy we have going on in our own world.

    When you visit a good Black website you get to see truth. The problem with the Black experience is getting the whole world to understand that truth.

    I like writing stories. I've been told I'm really good at it. I think that one of the best ways truth can be taught is through parable and stories. That's the method I channel in my own stories. I really believe there needs to be more Black fantasy and science-fiction authors out there. I hope we have some that become so successful that they spawn movies and videogames beause we have none out there right now that parallel what Blacks have gone through.

    I mean you see stuff like X-Men which uses the racism against mutants as a backdrop for it's political environment but I don't think that's enough. For instance, the King James was Black, The Renaissance was used to paint Jesus and all them other saint's White etc and other controversies such as Black inventors getting their inventions stolen and re re-appropriated as White inventions etc would make good fiction, even if some of it is based in fact. Being exposed to this fiction makes the audience think and want to dig deeper.

    I think that's what C.S. Lewis attempted with his own epic Narnia series. By bringing his readers closer to understanding Christianity through his novels. I know that's still up to debate on what his actual goal was but that's what I got out of it when I read it when I was a kid. I think we should see more of this type of approach from Black authors. A lot of movies in Hollywood are based on fiction. A lot of the successful movies are based on fantasy or sci-fi type fiction especially comics.

    I think a Black comic book would be more effective than bean pies cause even a white kid could read it. When teaching 'the truth' or what you think is the truth about Black culture and our origins, you can't completely exclude White people or completely blame everything bad that has ever befallen on em Black people because then they won't even read what you have to say. If we sell it as a fiction that people can easily get into, then your word would spread more effeciently. Not like propaganda but more like a thought lingering in both a white and black person's subconscious 'Like okay what if this really happened...'

    Aight I'm done rambling. By no means do I mean sell out or water down your stuff. Just saying we need to switch it up some that's all. I know there's plenty of Black authors out there who have just that idea and are doing the exact thing. Can't wait till see some real universal progress though.

    Edit: Aight it wasn't short after all my bad.