Black Short Stories : Change Can Be Good Pt 3

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    “Are you serious girl?” My best friend Vidal screams over the phone.
    “Yeah girl he is engaged!”
    “**** girl how you find out?”
    “I was cuddled up against Carolina’s chest.
    ‘**** you’re beautiful” He complimented me.
    ‘You just are saying that because I gave you some ***.’ I smile at him. He smiled back at me.
    ‘Tanya I love you’ He looked in my eyes and saw a different look in his eyes. You know like on Maury when they bout to find out their spouse is cheated on you.
    ‘I love you too Carolina.’ Staring at him nervously. I nibbled on Carolina’s ear. Carolina pushed me away.
    I was confused I wanted to know what he strange acting ways was coming from then he told.
    ‘Tanya I’m sorry I didn’t tell you this but I am engaged to another woman name Renee’’
    My heart literately dropped to the floor. My body froze. The word ‘engaged ‘ keep running through my head girl you just don’t know how much I felt like a ***. I mean I remember him writing about her in his letter but he told me they had broken up. ”
    “**** gurl what happened after that?” Vidal asked.
    “Then after a long pause all I could say was oh.
    ‘You not mad Tanya’ he asked me looking very innocent in those sparkling glass eyes. I guess he was expecting me to say what the ****? Or even you stupid *** *****. But I played it cool and stated.
    ‘Its cool I mean its not like we got out. **** you can do whatever you know?” Trying to conceal the ghetto ***** from coming out. So curiously I ask: ‘How long yall been engaged?’
    ‘2 month’ he answers putting his head down like a ******* kid being punished.
    ‘**** why you ain’t tell me. I mean I would’ve dropped my panties if I would have known that ****.’ I turned towards him:
    ‘I hope she makes you happy’ I said trying my hardest not to break my smile.
    ‘Tanya do you want me to marry her? ‘He asked like I had **** to do with his decision. In my mind I wanted to say hell naw but instead it was: ‘ I plan your bridal shower.’ And that was it.”

    “You mean to tell me that you let that ***** go so easily! **** you’s a dumb *****!” She screams at me.
    “What? That ***** ain’t my man. He can do what ever the **** he wants
    “You’s a dumb *****’
    “But you’s this dumb ***** best friend”
    “Whatever, if I was you, I would’ve whooped his *** all over that **** house. Serious that was really stupid.’
    “**** can we get of Carolina’s ****?” I was really getting sick of hearing about him.

    “Look girl I have to go bye.” And I hung up on Vidal before she had some more smart **** to say out of her mouth. I go over to night table and write down all the **** I need for the bridal I need.
    “You are a dumb broad.” Something inside me said because first off was I have never been to bridal shower and third was that I don’t know what the hell I ‘m doing. Then I realizes that my other best friend plans **** like this; Raymond. Raymond is my flamboyant gay friend who I have known since Kindergarten. He does this **** up in Texas where he lives at now. He is really cute. He’s dark skin, Chinese shaped eyes, dimples and a gorgeous smiled. Not to forget tone. I get up off my bed and dial his number.
    “Hello” he says kind of snappy.
    “**** it’s like that now Raymond?”
    “Tanya! Hey boo how have you been? **** you must don’t know how to use the ******* phone.”
    “Sorry. Look I need your help planning a bridal shower.”
    ”Oh gurl who is getting married. Gurl I have to knoow.” Raymond’s voice made a 360 degree turn.
    “Carolina “I whisper in a gruff.
    “To who girl, I have to know. Because if you want, I will beat the ***** *** and gurl why are you planning his weeding? You don’t know a **** thing about **** like this. **** girl you dumb *** hell. **** I don’t know why you let a **** like that go. I mean he is goin to be worth a millions of dollars.” I’m becoming really irritated with Raymond’s 5,000 ******* question marathon.
    “Man, why is you acting like that’s my ***** or something? We are exes.”
    “Oh girl you ****** him again!”
    “WHAT!” Shock that he knows what has happened.
    “Oh yes you did! Yes you did!” I hear him in the background stomping his feet
    “**** girl was it good?”
    Look is you goin to help me Ray or what?” Asking as if I didn’t hear what the **** he asked.
    “hmm I’ll help you”

    Raymond told me all the type of food, games, and colors I should have. Today I’m meeting Renée. I curled my hair and put on a shade of pink lip gloss, a pair tight blue jean with no pockets and blue tank. Carolina wants me to meet the broad at this restaurant called the Red Bandanna. Very nice and has great food. I’ve been there with guys I have dated. Very up your *** type of place. Walking in, I spot Carolina waving his hand as if he is directing traffic. I notice that he is by himself. He gets up he tries to hug me but I jerk away.
    “So where is your fiancée?” I ask sitting down in a chair at the table on the opposite side of Carolina.
    “She’s in the bathroom” he answers.
    “Ohh” I say nonchalantly, picking up my napkin and looking at the menu. Carolina is upset now. But I don’t care. He has no reason. Lying son of ***** is what he is.
    “Why are you acting like this Tanya? “ Hearing in the anger in the tone made me upset. **** I’m the one who should be mad not him.
    “Excuse me?” Questioning as if I have no idea about what the **** he was talking about. Paying more attention to the menu and ordering the most expensive thing, whether I wanted it or not.
    “Hi everybody!” I look up to see who the hell the Renee’ woman is. My eye almost pop out of my socket; the ***** is white! I could not believe this ****. Rocking a Rocawear jean dress with a pair of stilettos even though she was at 5’8 with out them. But I couldn’t deny she has a nice air brush design on her feet. Basically she was wiggah. With her long blonde hair gelled up in a pony tail with a big as pair of hoop earrings and blue eyes and big breast.
    ”Tanya this is Renee’.” Carolina introducing me to wanna be black white girl.
    “Hey gurl, I waited a long time to meet you.” Acting blacker than I was, I just smile feeling like a white man sitting next to the Nation of Islam.
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    WOW....2x.. I did not expect that. That was good, thanks for the read.
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    da south............ATL
    Dang, you're right. That was a shocker. I'm still sitting here with my eye popped open. LOL. More, please, more.
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    whoaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! got me on no hold bar dis was a great story
    and i agree what a shocker indeed pt.4 please