Black Short Stories : Change Can Be Good pt 2

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    Bad Newz Va
    I look out of my window and I see him walking to my door with a cell phone in his hand. Smiling. Oh holly ****! I can’t believe his right in front of my door bout to walk in my apartment. My heart is racing like I’m in NASCAR! I feel like I was when we were together back in high school. I go to the door. And it just hits me that I only have my bra and sweat pants on! I quickly run to my room and put on my gray and black Air Force t-shirt. ****! He is still on the phone! I run to the phone.
    “Sorry, I didn’t mean to leave you on hold like that.” I open the door. I see him. **** he looks good! White tee, fresh Evisu jeans, and white Air Force One. **** I looked like a ****** bum compared to his ***. I hung up the phone and greeted him at the door. I stared very hard at him very hard and looked him up and down. **** I swear the way he looked made me want to rape his *** right then and there. I was speechless and for that moment I was paralyze in my legs.
    “Hey! **** its been a long time since I seen your skinny ***. “He smiled and I couldn’t do nothing but smile and become more relaxed.
    “Yeah I know but I am sorry about not returning your letters and phone calls you know ….”
    “No big deal I’m just glad to see you after all this time I haven’t seen you in what two years?” I blushed with embarrassment. **** Carolina sure knew how to make a sistah feel guilty. I hated the fact that he just smiled it won’t no big deal and the **** was okay that I did.
    ”Well **** can I get a hug or something” I smiled and put my arms around him. **** did he smell good! He smelt like he had just taken a shower in Holly Water. It seemed as if that hug wouldn’t end **** did that **** feel good. I didn’t want it too till I let go real quick. Man I hadn’t been hug like that in years he always made me feel that right after I had my arms around him safe.
    “Dang I’m sorry you can come in.” Not realizing that we are here outside in the June summer night. We walk into the house and he sits down on the couch.
    “You thirsty, do you want any kool-aid it’s the red flavored” I smiled.
    “Red? I didn’t know red had a flavor.” He joked releasing the tension I felt between us. He was still the same.
    “**** you.” Sticking up my middle finger up at him. I peaked out the kitchen to get a glare ate him. **** he was fine. I started to daydream a little about making love to him one more time. The last time we really talk was when I graduated from high school. The week I was leaving for basic training and I see my vagina remembers too. No. I need to stop living in the pass. In reality I did kind of had somebody. His name was Amar a.k.a. “The Air force ***.” I walk into the living room seeing Carolina interested. I give Carolina his kool-aid and sit at the smaller couch steering as far away from Carolina as possible.
    I can not really pay attention to the movie because all I think about is me and Carolina how we use to be. No really serious arguments, loosing my virginity to him, and going on my first date with him. **** we have a lot of memories. Everything I did or tried was with him he was his first. **** I’m daydreaming so much the movie has ended. I stare at him.
    “**** its been a long time since I seen you” I stammer shyly, playing with my sweat pants.
    “How long has it-
    “6 months and we ran into each other at Wal-mart.” I knew that but I really thought he would forget. I became quiet.
    **** I need something to ease the tension and there it was; his articles in the paper about his basketball.) I picked and up and smile. He smiles back at me.
    “**** you keep every article that was every printed?” Looking shock and impressed.
    “Yeah I looked in every newspaper and got every article they ever printed about you.” Smiling as I hand it to him as he goes through it smiling.
    “**** you do have all of them even the ones when I was freshman man you really don’t have a life.” He jokes.
    “You know what **** you, but you can have it if you like I mean they all are you so how is your mother?”
    “You seeing anybody?” I saw the 360 degree change in Carolina’s face.
    “How the **** you going to act like **** sit is the same?” Smiling in my face and giving me this fake-*** smile and a chuckle as he said it. He now is looking at me with a straight face. All I do now is stare straight down at the floor and I was to afraid to look directly in his eyes.
    “Tanya you goin act like that Tanya? You never returned my call, my letters anymore and when we do talk its no less than 5 minutes!” The anger in his tone scares me.
    “I’ve got things to do.” Barely a whisper I answer to why I don’t return his phone calls. But his I took a glare and could tell he wasn’t falling for that bull ****.
    “What the **** you got to do that you can’t talk or write a ****** letter!” All I can do stare at the floor.
    “Tanya” coming to the chair where I was sitting the tone of voice was changing and was more soothing. For some reason I was more scared of that voice then I was of the other one.
    “You promise that you write and talk to me on the phone all the time.My feeling for you still hasn’t changed from since I was in the 11th grade, I still lov-
    “No (cutting him off.) shut the **** up I don’t wanna hear that ****!” I was yelling become really pissed.
    What the **** we had in high school that **** is over we’re going on two different career paths. Me in the military and you as a professional athlete, we are history. There is no more of us! I am trying to move on with Amar.” I don’t know why mention my little “**** buddy”
    “Hold up, Hold the ****!” Carolina cutting me off giving me this fake *** smile on his face.
    ”Who the **** is Amar? Demanding to know and I was just sitting there dumbfounded.
    “Oh you death now? Tanya I don’t get you! What the **** happened between me and you and me? Yeah we went into different field of work, but I don’t give a ****. Tanya, I still got madd feelings about you. And I proved that when I purposed to you at the end of high school you remember?” ****! Why the **** he got to bring that **** up? I sat the reminiscing about that day in June a warm 79 degree day in Virginia.
    I was leaving for basic training that day. I should have know something was goin on when Carolina was dressed up nicely in a light orange button down and khakis. We sat at Briarfield Park talking and just finishing making love 2 hours ago:
    “I guess this is good-bye. **** it has been a crazy two years. **** I loved every minute of being with you. Man we did everything together. He was smiling at me as we were swinging on the swings.
    “I guess so. And yeah it has been the best two years together through good times and bad. But we always can be best friends and I promise I will write you letters and talk to you all the time on telephone.” Smiling at him as he smiled at me very sincerely. Then all of sudden he gets off the swings and gets on his knees.
    “Oh my God don’t do it Carolina! Don’t do it.!” Think to myself. So I began crying hysterically. I guess he thought I was happy and over whelmed with joy. Hell no! I wanted him to shut up. My head was spinning, my heart was racing I was so scared.
    “Tanya you know I-“
    I cried louder so I would stop him from what he was saying. Carolina was confused so he began again.
    Tanya you know I lov-“
    “SHUT UP NO I DON’T WANT TO HEAR THIS.” I screamed loudly as he tried to repeat it for the second time. I remember cursing and crying at him. Then I calmed down. The hurt in his eyes has no words. He came over to me after about 15 minutes of me screaming and cursing making a sailor blush. He came over to me on the swing looking at the knife-stabbing sadness in his eyes.
    “I will always love you Tanya and I’m sorry I scared you.” Whispering in my ear.

    He wrote me everyday when I was in basic in Florida. I wrote him like 3 times the whole 6 weeks. I read and memorized every letter he wrote me. And at 11 weeks training for my Job training he wrote me less. He called and I always made an excuse of why I couldn’t talk and I could tell he was hurt but he never stopped telling me he loved me. But then he would tell me about the girls he was dating and I would say how happy I was for him; even though I was secretly jealous.
    “Tanya I know you hear me” He yells at me he is now on the same side of the couch as I am.
    “Huh?” Looking dumbfound from my visit to memory lane.
    “Look Carolina there is nothing between us I can’t do this anymore. We are grown we have different futures living our own paths. You have to get over me.” Carolina is directly on my neck.
    “Oh ****! **** that’s my neck he is own he knows that’s my weak spot!” I try to calm down my face.
    “ I can’t” He whispers in my ear as he tongue first reaches my neck. With circular motions he licks my necks then lightly puts he lips on it. My body is heating up! **** Carolina can hit my **** spot! I moan softly. I push away from him, but he follows me and continues to lay saccharine kisses on my neck.
    “Carolina I can’t do this ****. It isn’t right. I’m seeing somebody (which is a lie) get the **** off me.” I sing softly. But he is not stopping he pushes me down on the couch and goes toward my lips. I put my head down. He grabs my chin and starts to kiss my lips he holds me with right hand and began to play with my stomach. Our kisses are no longer soft and sweet, but now are strong and passionate. Amar is far from my mind. I fall on top of him. He holds me and his hand go lower and lower. Feeling on my soft *** and roaming inside my sweats. He pulls them off and goes on the floor. He is looking my eyes. I know what this means! God help me! When Carolina goes down on me, the feeling is like Cloud Nine! **** he was the last one to go down on me three years ago! **** I want this so badly!
    “Been awhile since done this.” He smiles at me, taking off my panties, rubbing on my thighs as he kisses my stomach and puts his fingers in my *****. Now he slowly works his way down to my ****. “Oh my God! He’s tongue is inside my *****!” I scream with ecstasy as he sucks the lips of my *****. “****! ****! ****!” Is all I’m thinking right at this moment! Carolina starts to thrust his long fingers inside my ***** as his tongue reaches different spots inside my *****. I scream as I finally get my 3rd peak point. I sit up and pull down Carolina’s jeans and shirt. I’m in the mood now, forgetting everything and anything else important in my life. I can’t help but admire how hard and thick Carolina is threw his boxers. He is bigger than I remember. Last time he was 8 in now it seems he is bigger by an inch and thicker also. I smile wickedly as I snatch off his boxers and licked the tip of the head. See me, I don’t play no games and put the whole thing in my mouth. Sucking his **** like it was a sour jawbreaker. I see his eyes are in the back of his head now. My mouth goes up and down, as lick the bottom of his ****. I deep throat his **** with his balls in their too. Yeah I’m good at what I do. Carolina was the first and the only. He is just sitting there moaning. Then his leg starts to shake, because the ***** is about to cum. I take my shirt and bra and let it come all over my chest. I licked the remaining cum off his tip. Knowing Carolina, he always has a condom in his pocket. I am tired of oral and now all I wanna do is get on top of his **** and ride that **** for all its worth. I’m very controlling in the bed I love be on top. I’m very dominant. I spot the condom in his pocket just like I suspected. I put the “Golden Ticket” on his head, and get on top for all its worth.
    “Yeah you know the deal now *****, what’s my name *****? Huh?” He bites his lips as I talk **** and grind my hips up down his **** slowly. A word is not coming from his mouth. So I go faster and harder. I ask him again.
    “What’s my name Carolina?”
    “Tan-ya!” Carolina stutters. I feel in power now.
    “No ***** what is my whole name?” I demand him to say.
    “Naw what’s my mothah ****** name? Talking all that **** now I got yo *** down.” He pushed me off me and now he is on top of me grinding his hips on me.
    “I don’t know” I moan as he strokes me with extreme force.
    “Oh you don’t know?” ****! He pushes his huge **** inside me harder. I scream because that **** hurts and feels good at the same time.
    “You *****!” I scream at him.
    “Yeah payback is a *****!” He says.
    “Now what’s my mothah ****** name?” I say nothing. He pushes it in even harder, pushing his **** deeper inside me. I climax all over the condom.
    “Now let me ask you again what my name is?” I still am silent. He know I’m playing so he goes in extremely harder and now I’m bout to burst then he takes his **** out! I’m upset.
    “Noooo I’m bout to cum.” Whining like a little baby. I cannot believe he did that!
    “All you got to do is say my name”
    “Carolina” I moan fingering myself. He pulls my fingers from out of my ***** and replaces it with **** inside me now.
    “Now I wanna know what’s my real name is girl?” Demanding in a soft monotone voice as he strokes my neck with his hands.
    “Costello!” I scream, breathing heavenly with my hands on my breast. This **** is amazing!


    I lay in my bed and Carolina is still inside me. I haven’t felt this good in awhile I look at him sleeping on top of me. Not worried about tomorrow.

    You'll be surprise about pt3 trust me!!!!!
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    :thinking: hmmmmm......wonder what's gonna happen.
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    da south............ATL
    Dang, that was good. I'm truly following this. I liked this. Shoot, I liked the whole thing so far. Keep em coming.
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    Thanx I felt the same about the last story u wrote Krazy lyrics