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    Change And Obama

    My Beloved JB3:

    Beloved, from the first time I came into the Presence of this Internet Black family, I have been nothing but consistent in that which I share with you all, the Black Family I speak of, and I must say, that I am not able to be like none other than I am, and that is a Black man, given the Divine Information to share with a Black World gone Mad against the Divine truth, a Truth that forbid to be compromised, when Afrika and the Black Afrikan Nation has been torn asunder and scattered to the Four corners of this evil World, while Afrika the Land, is Plundered with great disrespect.

    Beloved, show me one thing I have done that is disrespectful to Afrika and Black People on this Internet and I will humbly ask for Black Folks Forgiveness, because all that I do, is Share the Divine Truth concerning God, Universe, and the state of condition of the Black World, and I do so, absent of Irrational Emotion or with a desire to win black Folks favor.

    Now, you make a presumptive statement in giving your opinion about that which I have shared with Black People concerning Obama run for president of America, stating, by me sharing the Divine Truth about White Folks politics and Obama involvement in that game, you state that my information which I share, in that regard, is attempting to, and I quote, "unravel others hard-earned efforts to coalesce their energies for the purposes of
    manifestation for that which is long overdue " end of quote.

    Beloved, that is a stinging effort to indict the Divine Truth, a Truth that come from Profound Reasoning and Not Emotional Wanting, such as your statement imply, regarding Obama and your Want to hope for him to become the First Afrikan American President in your Life Time, and I ask, what for, is it so that you can have bragging rights should Obama win, and so that your Emotion can mislead you into believing that Change is coming in America for not Black People, but for the Afrikan Americans?

    Beloved, only Divine Change is qualified to be Manifest out from the Universe, all else is no more than Change Manifest by an Illusion, and all things that are only an imitation, faking to be real, is what the Afrikan American seem to be fasten upon, respecting not that which is Divinely Real, because in order to be able to appreciate and recognize the Divine Truth, such require for you to Think Creatively and may I inform you, that such quality of Thoughts does the Universe Manifest.

    Beloved, have I not preference my Missives about Obama by indicating my support for what he is striving politically to become in America, but beloved, my preference does not exempt me from my obligation to share with the Black World, the Divine Truth, concerning Obama Effort, and what he is promising to you if he become President, and that is provided that you fit within the category of the Middle Class in America.

    Beloved, the Afrikan American survive off of shallow and nonproductive promises, locked in the Prison of Belief, Hope, Faith, and imitation Change, and the reason why that is enough for the Afrikan American, is because that you are moved by the action of Deceiving irrational emotions, all wrapped in selfish vanity, and such ingredients are not Natural enough to bring about the blossom of Afrika and the Black World Unity, and Freedom, independence, and Justice without preconditions, as is the kind that the Afrikan Americans seek in America, as you chase a false dream encapsulated in an infesting Virus imagination.

    Beloved, what would you have me to do in the face of seeing Obama Run for America President, am I to act Differently from the way I have always acted in your Presence, sharing the Divine Truth, even when I know that which I share is unpopular with the Afrikan Americans, and the Afrikans in Afrika Human Beings ?

    No! No! beloved, I will not remain silent when I see my people chasing a promise of change liken to a Carrot and they being transformed in duplicating the behavior of the Donkey, chasing a Change that will not Come in its Divine Form in America, no matter even if the carrot is a Liken to an Obama Candidacy for America President

    It is Afrikan American that chase after Irrational Emotional False Dreams, representing to be for change in America, a chase that has been going on for over Four Hundred Years and even if such come wrapped in the mirage of illusion, such is not to be claimed to be a Manifestation of the action of the Universe, because all Universe Action is done and revealed Divinely, meaning in Harmony, Order, and Balance, and there is nothing Obama is doing that is Divinely sanction, because making false promises of Change, being Blind of who you are, following the dictates of White America in repudiating one of our most prolific Black Leaders that are still with us today, such an action by Obama most certainly does not manifest Change, because if Obama denounced The Honorable Minister Farrakhan on National Television, that was in keeping of acting and behaving in the same way that the forces of Racism has so dictated to us to act and behave, nothing Obama did that represented Change in Denouncing and Rejecting Farrakhan !!!

    Beloved, I mean you, nor do I mean any Black Afrikan any disrespect, but when commissioned to share the Divine Truth, as I Am, to a lost and Divided Black Nation, then that Divine Truth point you to a Land under occupation and a People in Mental Ruins, without compromise, needing to be Divinely Changed for the Greater Good, not for America deceiving good, and not to pay into completing a Melting Pot America, but to fight to bring about a Single United Black Afrika and Black Nation, and for us to settle for anything less, condemn us to the Life we now experience in this Evil World.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

    Chief Elder

    JB3 <[email protected]> wrote:

    Understanding vibrations, frequencies, and energies as
    you do, I am unclear as to your intent behind the
    apparent attempt to unravel others hard-earned efforts
    to coallesce their energies for the purposes of
    manifestation for that which is long overdue; as
    evidence of intelligence purely and not out of a
    social or politiical duty, mind you. European males
    seem to be quite aware that they are losing respect
    internationally and it would be a hard sell to put
    another in place as pres and retain credibility. Let
    us spell/write and speak what we desire as long as it
    is not of mal-intent to the universe so it can be
    acted upon right before it manifests in the lower...

    Just trying to help keep the ball moving down the
    court my friend,


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