Black People : Chancellor Williams:Religion and the Destruction of Black Civilization

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    Although Williams admitted to being a devout Christian he nonetheless blames a lot of
    Africa’s problems on the infiltration of Christianity, writing scathingly: “The cloak of
    Christianity was a most convenient hiding place for those who had other designs.”
    Conversion to Christianity “meant change into the white man’s image, his ideas and
    value systems. “What happened in the process of converting the Blacks to Islam and
    Christianity was the supreme triumph of the white world over the Black.”

    According to Williams Africans did not need Christianity because they had their own
    ancient religious beliefs that were not dissimilar to some of the tenets of the Christian
    For example, the practice of sacrifice for the remission of sins existed in Africa at least
    2000 years before the arrival of Abraham. Furthermore: “Practically all of the Ten
    Commandments were embedded in the African constitution ages before Moses went up
    to Mount Sinai in Africa in 1491 BC.”
    According to Williams Moses himself was born in Africa and his wife was the daughter of
    an African priest. Christianity only began to spread in Ethiopia after the destruction of
    the Central Empire. Christianity was a tool for capturing, enslaving and exporting Black
    Africans for over a thousand years. Williams describes Africans as “gullible” for believing
    that the God referred to by foreigners was the same as their own.

    Both Christianity and Islam, writes Williams were used by men who were motivated by
    social, economic and political power over Black Africans: “The whole continent of Africa
    was taken over, its wealth exploited and its people dehumanized through enslavement,
    all in the name of Jesus Christ, Allah and civilization.”

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