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Jul 26, 2001
CHAMELEON: The True Story of W. D.Fard By Dr. A.K Arian

Book Review By Andre Austin

Dr. A.K. Arian has written an excellent biography on W.D. Fard who founded the Nation of Islam in the 1930’s in Detroit, Michigan. He was forced to exile the city after his organization did a ritual voodoo murder of a man. Elijah Muhmmad had to change one of his alias names of Robert Karriem because this was the same name of the religious zombie who killed James Smith in Detroit. By the way he admitted to the Detroit police that his religious cult was a con game.

On the back cover of Arian’s book he asks 7 questions in which I will give the answers I got from his book.

1. Was the founder of the Black Muslims a white man? Yes on all government documents like census repots and marriage certificates Fard claims to be White along with his first and 2nd wives.

2. Was his true name Wallace Dodd Fard? No. Fard used more alias names than Isis did in Egypt. His real name was Zardad Khan.

3. Was he really born on February 26, 1877? No he didn’t know his real birth date that was between 1880-1900. He used his crime partners birthdates he knew from California.

4. Did Fard come from Mecca? Hell no he came from Shinka, Afghanistan which they say is now in Pakistan.

5. When did he arrive in the United States? In 1904 arrives on the SS Tremont in America.

6. Was Elijah Muhammad really his chosen successor? No 75% of the membership in the NOI voted for another person.

7. Was Fard (Zardad Khan) murdered in 1934, as some believe? No he told one of his ex-wives he was going back home to Afghanistan.

These and a whole host of other questions are answered in Arian’s book, which is a must have for historians. This is a good book because its unlike others that makes its main focus on Zardad Khan, a con man known as Fard.

When Farad lived in Oregon he got charged with the rape of a 17 year old white girl in 1914. To make the charges look false he married a white woman, Pearl Allen. After he was found not guilty they take off for Cali

While living in California Fard ran a restaurant and sold heroin out of it he went to San Quentin prison for it in the 1920’s. He married and divorced Hazel Osborne. They had one child together in 1920 who is reported to be white on his birth certificate. His only son dies in the Coast Guard in 1942.

Fard is a fraud who never told Elijah Muhammad (alias Robert Poole) he was God but only a guide. Nevertheless the current leader of the Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan is keeping up with these lies. And when he dies all of his children in and out of marriage will fight over his assets in court.

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