Black Spirituality Religion : Cesare Borgia-the infamous image of jesus christ

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    "The 1995 song B.I.B.L.E (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth), performed by Killah Priest, and released on the influential GZA album Liquid Swords, and later on his own debut album Heavy Mental, includes lyrics which proclaim:

    'Even learnt Caucasians were really the Tribe of Edom, the white image, of Christ, is really Cesare Borgia and uhh, the second son of Pope Alexander, the Sixth of Rome, and once the picture was shown that's how the devils tricked my dome.' "

    Yes even though this site doesnt say alot about his sexual relationship with the painter michaelangelo who painted the jesus picture we all know...this is the man who was used as the infamous painting of jesus...the resemblence is quite amazing...yes...a murdering mafia I see why white america embraces the italian mafia families...why the "christian" captiol is in vatican, rome, and why all the paintings of the "prophets/profits" of god look like romans and greeks....
    Cesare Borgia - Wikipedia