Black Spirituality Religion : ?Cerebral Thinking Anyone?

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    The "intentional" separation of science from spirituality explains the confusion, frustration and denial that most people have about a post such as this:

    "...The right side is in charge of noting the similarities between things, and their relation to each other and the whole thus unifying them. This mode of thinking is generally known as synthetical, holistic, congregative, etc. We must also note that the left side of the brain is extroverted and is therefore the means for the 'outer culture' noted above. The right side of the brain is introverted and is the means for the 'inner' culture ..." -- page 10

    "...The left hemisphere of the brain is in charge of noting the differences between things, separating wholes into parts, and enabling us to deal with all sequential phenomena..." page 11

    "...The greatest problem arises from the fact that the greatest validators of our actions, ie religion and science, which are intrinsic products of right-sided cultures are now used by predominantly "left-sided cultures in the characteristic fashion of the left hemisphere. Although the left side is totally capable of truly religious, and scientific thinking, the grafting of the processes onto these subjects has gone unnoticed due, on one hand to ignorance and on the other, to the military supremacy acquired by the Europeans in the last 2000 years..." -- page 13

    Source: Metu Neter, Volume 1