Black Poetry : Cell Block 10 Woman Behind Bars

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    Cell Block 10
    Woman Behind Bars

    Within the pits of darkness my soul has gone to hell.
    Chains upon the bars, the voices screams out loud.
    Gray walls upon my feet. Card board boxes that centers
    The prison as I sleep. Captivity is now my domain
    The sources of my dismay have caught up with me.
    I woman have succeeded the walls of slavery,
    I relive my history, nevertheless my right hand has
    defeated my face.

    Colorless upon the destiny which I have chosen.
    The walls of darkness is now my new home.
    My soul that lives within confinement.
    Asylum the soul that lives within a institutionalize
    strategy of a slow death,
    prisoner of war censorship
    private-enterprise I have relived
    the slave chambers of my own dismay.

    Cell block 10 war zone within my own horror of sin.

    A woman who lives for the world and sale her soul to sin.
    Is a woman who walks the world with a tunnel vise mind
    considered as the walking dead.
    I have chosen my fate.
    A woman who embrace murder or hate,
    death becomes a challenge I live within the belly of the beast,
    within the actions of the beast,
    behind every reaction there is an effect.

    Un-controlling infernos longing for connection.
    Thy destiny has chosen my path,
    the soul smells of death.
    Darkness who walks with pride
    is not a woman who advocate violence,
    but a woman who is intelligent
    and acts in self defense.
    Power in defense for spiritual freedom.
    Civil rights and human rights go hand and hand.

    I woman have slain my sister, I now must repent.
    Within the walls of death I lay.
    Never again shall I claim the righteousness
    Of the crown which I forfeited selling my
    Soul to the diversions of satins game.

    The darkness that hide behind walls
    consignment of death closed in walls .
    Harvesting the darkness of self.
    The windows are foggy cannot see the light.
    The sparrows are closing in, hidden in a box,
    find thy soul what goes on in space?
    Justifying the wrongs for the
    Toxins that filled blood, sipping on death ,
    oppressor of self, surrounding hate,
    pollutions has no fate.
    I have forfeit my crown.

    I woman who have defamed her stool
    Thinking only of self,
    I cry in the name of blood.
    God break the chains.
    I sit in a 9 by 11 box.
    My children look upon me in shame.

    Maternity has tarnished my seed.
    I birth the child from heaven

    And delivered him in a 8/11 cell,
    I sit upon my cage with my hand on my head.

    Remilitarization only if I could have lived
    By the words of God. My soul would not
    Belong to darkness, I would be free.
    Nevertheless I must now feel the pain.
    Of my disobedience to God as well as self.
    It is now to late I must pay the poor per
    My life no longer belongs to me.
    Remissible of tears shall not be herd.​
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    dis was so tyte wow......ya pen was full of ink