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    Foremost, thank you for your efforts to better our people and planet.

    "The dropout rate for African-American students approaches 50 percent . . .

    Every year, nearly a million of our children fail to graduate high school . . .

    The mis-education of our children has yielded serious consequences. We are proudly part of a movement to improve the condition of African-American youth through better education – a movement that is growing every day.

    UniTee Design supports, develops and funds alternative education programs that are empowering our young generation. We embrace those with a similar interest to improve the quality of learning for our children. Our mission is to proactively seek out to engage the many wonderful individuals and groups who value our vision.

    Together, we shall overcome fragmentation, create consolidation and build a national coalition that propels our ability to put forth more, and more effective educational options for the maximum number of youth.

    Please visit to learn about youth enrichment programs and products, a growing movement of partners in purpose, and a mission and vision that are empowering brighter futures every day.

    Knowledge is the most precious gift we can grant our children. Your support and collaborations towards a common cause and for a greater good are vital to bettering our people and planet through better education.

    One in UniTee and all the best.

    R. Lee Gordon
    President / Co-Director
    UniTee Design, Inc. / The Better Detroit Youth Movement /
    [email protected] / [email protected]
    Toll Free: 888.OUR.RBG.TEES / 313.516.8384

    Unity is the great need of the hour. Unity is how we shall move. – Martin Luther King, Jr.