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    Joe Atwill’s Introduction…………………………………………………………………..3
    Josephus Bar Mathias is Joseph of Arimathea…………………………………………..5
    Judas Iscariot Backbiting *** of Issachar/Iscariot………………………………………7
    Top ten Satires in the Bible………………………………………………………………..9
    The Sins of the Mother……………………………………………………………………12
    Eurcharist of the catholic body of Osiris…………………………………………………16
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    Thank you for your interest in “Caesar’s Messiah
    Below is a free report written by joseph Atwill, the author of “Caesar’s Messiah”, which reveals the true Identity of Jesus Christ.

    The most important discovery presented in my book “Caesar’s Messiah is that Jesus Christ is a composite fictional literary character and not a historical person. In Greek-the language in which the Gospels were original written-Jesus mean Savior and Christ means the Messiah, and the title of Christ was already familiar to Jews (Being applied to King David, Cyrus etal), long before the supposed time of Jesus. Further, there’s never been any archaeological evidence of Jesus Christ that had ever been discovered-the only way we really know about this individual is through the Gospels=which in Greek means Good news of military victory. This military victory can be read in War of the Jews By Josephus which is the foundation of the Gospels.
    Though the Gospels seem to be a history they are actually anti-History of the true military-messianic movement of the Maccabee’s and their offshoots of the Zealots and Sicari gangs that fought and lost to Rome. The Gospels are written in the style of a genre of fictional literature called Typology. Typology is simply creating stories by basing one character upon another character from a different time, place and story-much like an archetype but the keystone to the arch of the deception is Titus. Once someone understands that the Gospels are Typological literature, it is easy to see that virtually every episode of Jesus ministry was based upon events that occurred during the Roman Caesar Titus’s military campaign through Judea.
    The typology linking Jesus to Titus in the gospels is not especially hard to spot and the fact that it has been overlooked for 2,000 years is inexplicable. A blind man could see Flavius Josephus’s War of the Jews and the Gospels as DNA related like a father to a son. This oversight is particularly strange in that the Gospels set up a direct connection between Jesus and Titus with prophecies concerning the Son of Man.
    While Christians believe that the character in the Gospels was divine, this is not what Jesus Christ actually claimed. Jesus never said that he was the Messiah, and in fact went out of his way to avoid saying so. Jesus stated that the “Son of Man”-a title for the Jewish messiah that comes from the prophecies of Daniel-would come before the generation he spoke passed away. Since Jews of this era saw a generation as lasting forty years, what Jesus was claiming was that the Son of Man would appear within forty years from the date of his death on Passover 33CE. Jesus also made clear predictions as to what would happen when the Son of Man came. He prophesied that during the Son of man’s visitation Galilean towns would be destroyed, Jerusalem would be encircled with a wall, and the Temple would be razed. The Temple was razed in 70CE.
    In trying to make sense out of what Jesus said, Christians have interpreted this visitation by the Son of Man as the “second coming of Jesus Christ. But there is a major problem with this belief-Jesus didn’t show up within the time span he predicted. Christians have tried to get around this problem by claiming that Jesus would come sometime in the future, but this clearly illogical. Jesus was very precise that the Son of Man would come within forty years from his ministry. So who was the Son of Man that Jesus predicted and Christians have worshiped for 2,000 years? The true name of the Christ the Messiah –is Titus Flavius.
    The only person in history who accomplished the predictions that Jesus made concerning the Son of Man-and he did it precisely within the given time frame-was Titus Flavius. So the Gospels is nothing but a parody, satire of the military events in Flavius Josephus work War of the Jews. Titus did destroy the very Galilean towns Jesus predicted. He did encircle Jerusalem with a wall and he razed the Temple exactly as Jesus foresaw, leaving “not one stone atop the other”.
    In fact, Titus campaign ended with the destruction of Masada on Passover 73CE, exactly forty years to the exact day from Jesus crucifixion in 33CE on the 15th of Nisan. This DNA match can only be found by reading the Gospels/War of the Jews side by side. Moreover, Jesus predictions concerning the Son of Man were echoed by all of Titus court historians. Each one maintained that Titus was the Christ, the Messiah which the prophecies in Jewish literature foresaw-the same prophecies Jesus cited in his predictions about the coming of the Son of Man.
    In light of all this, the discovery that all of the events of Jesus ministry were based upon Titu’s military campaign should really not be surprising. Particular since the first Christian Pope and all of the first saints of Christianity were members of Titus imperial court. The Vatican headquarters were built upon the palace of the Flavians. The first Pope Clemens was married to Vespasian granddaughter. What is surprising is that Christians and scholars have overlooked something as obvious as the fact that the Gospels proclaim the same thing that the Flavian imperial court historians did-that Titus is the Christ.
    So now you know the true identity of the Son of Man, one of Christianity’s top 5 secrets. If you want to know the true identity of the Jewish Messiah who was crucified on the cross-whose name was not Jesus (it was Simon Peter & or Eleazar/Lazarus)-I have devoted an entire chapter to this character in my book “Caesar’s Messiah”. I invite you to pick up a copy, and feel free to discuss these ideas with me on my Blog:
    JOSEPHUS BAR MATHIAS: is Joseph of Armathea
    By Andre Austin
    Joseph Atwill ends his lightning book & movie with the quote:
    “And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” John 8:32
    We already know the book of John was written with Egypt in mind with the theology of Thoth/ Maat described by the opening words of John’s gospel. In addition the word Jew is a title word for Thoth. We must become high level readers reading the text, context and subtext in memory. Keeping in mind metaphors, puns, allegories, lampoons, satires and parodies just to name a few.
    Is it a coincidence the divine scribe of Thoth was Mati or Maath in Egypt and Jesus holy scribe is Mathias or Matthew. In Egypt one of the gods is “Maat truth/law whose truth makes free the tongue which is a pun on John 8:32 –From Fetish to God in ancient Egypt By Budge p.380 Now Thoth goes hand and hand with Mati as does Thoth invents Mathematics being derived from Mati in Egypt. However, knowing the correct pun on Truth (Maath) leads you to Joseph Bar Mathias who wrote the Jesus story as a parody of Titus is the truth in part because Jesus also is a composite figure of other pagan characters.
    Josephus Bar Mathias was a Jewish Roman historian. His most famous work is War of the Jews written to give account of Titus war with the Jews. Josephus basically become the fictional creator/father of the Jesus story and inserts his name in the gospel to reflect this.
    The word Gospel in Greek means: Good news of Military victory or birth.
    Jesus ministry is a parody of Titus military victory over Jews because the follow in the exact same sequence. Just read both side by side together with the help of Joseph Atwill’s book Caesar’s Messiah. In reality the biography of Jesus was based on the bi-sexual general/Emperor Titus.
    Josephus Bar Mathias appears in many insertions in the Gospels as puns on his name.
    A Pun is the humorous use of a word, name, place or things which are formed or sounded alike but have different meanings, in such a way as to play on two or more applications. For example: Knowing that the Jews lost military defeat to the Romans in part due to Famine we see the big fun and pun where war of the Jews mention Mount Gerizzim as destitute of water and in the NT Jesus being “Living water” see (John 4:7-21) and (WOJ 3:VI 307-313). Keep in mind Mount Gerizim was sacred to the Samaritans.
    (1). Josephus Bar Mathias ask permission to Titus to bring down 3 crucified men and one survives.
    (2). Joseph of Arimathea (pun on Mathias) ask permission to bring Jesus body down which survives. There was no city named Arimathea during this time. Taking down the body happens at the place of the skull in gospels but in WOJ at the place of Inquiring minds=same DNA.
    (3). The 4 Gospels: Matthew (Mathias) Mark, Luke and John. The first one is Matthew a pun on Mathias name. If he wrote of Titus military campaign then the name of Matthew is a pun.
    (4). They also insert a Matthias to replace Judas in Acts 1 and the even made two separate people into one: “So they proposed two men Joseph…and Matthias. They cast lots and fell on Matthias” (Acts 1:23-26). This so called two men Joseph and Matthias was required to have been a witness of Jesus resurrection (Acts 1:22). If we link Joseph/Matthias as Josephus Bar Mathias bringing down the revived body of one of his friends in reality one was a Jesus son of Gamala (Life 41). Also there is another Jesus who dies then Josephus has a Supper (Life 35).
    (5). The biggest of them all is inserting Josephus as Joseph the father of Jesus and I counted 6 puns on Mathias name in the family genealogy tree. I see why this writer wanted to be the father of Jesus because his writings of the War of The Jesus is the fictional guideline used to write Jesus ministry.
    (6). Luke’s genealogy Tree of Jesus produces and uses 6 puns on Mathias name:
    a. Matthat
    b. Mattathias
    c. Maath
    D. Mattathias
    E. Matthat
    F. Mattatha
    JUDAS (backbiter) Iscariot (Issachar/Jackass donkey).
    He will bind his foal to the vine
    And his ***’s colt to the choice vine…(see John 12:13-14 )
    Issachar is a rawboned donkey
    Lying down between two saddlebags (two Satan’s in between sign of cancer)
    When he sees how good is his resting place
    And how pleasant is his land
    He will bend his shoulder to the burden
    And submit to forced labor…”
    Genesis 49:14-15
    Many people recognized Issachar as a pun on Iscariot “Issachar of genesis 49 is the strong *** crouching down between two burdens (saddlebags) , which is to say the *** stars in the constellation of cancer/scorpion when the sun’s (Jesus) strength begins to weaken” (Suns of God By Acharya S/aka D.M. Murdock p.472) . Murdock also claims Jesus is fufiling prophecies of Genesis 49 and Zech 9:9 by having Jesus march into Jerusalem on a *** (donkey) see Who was Jesus p.130-131. The goat isn’t the only image of Satan.
    So we see the signs of Two ***’s (Donkey/Satans) in the sign of cancer. It’s no coincidence that we have two Simons called Satan by Jesus and we have another Simon as the father of Judas Iscariot in the NT (John 6:71 & John 13:26).
    Many scholars believe that all the Simons in the NT are the same composite figure. “Supporting this conjecture was the fact that while Jesus gave instructions to Simon the Apostle to follow him with a cross, it was Simon the Cyrene who carried out the prophecy, indicating that these two Simons were lampoons of the same individual.
    Jesus tells Simon the Apostle Get behind me Satan (Matthew 16: 22-25)
    Jesus tells “Simon, a Cyrenaean, who was coming in from the country and on his shoulders they put the cross for him to carry it behind Jesus” (Luke 23:26) I don’t know what translation Josephus Atwill is using in his book Caesar’s Messiah because I’m not finding the word shoulders that match exactly right up with Genesis 49 use of the word shoulders
    Clearly these two donkeys one made to carry a cross and the other rides on are one and the same. When we get to history it’s Titus who takes a Simon/Peter to Rome to be killed falling upside head first, naked and gelded(castrated male donkey) in the same manner as a Satan. Yes titus was cruel when he took Peter’s two nuts from his saddlebags.
    As we walk through the book of Judges 15:16:
    Then Samson said,
    “With a donkey’s jawboneI have made donkeys of them.With a donkey’s jawboneI have killed a thousand men.”
    Then in Luke 22:3-47 we connect the dots to Samson’s Donkey
    “Then Satan entered Judas, called Iscariot, one of the Twelve…47 While he was still speaking a crowd came up, and the man who was called Judas, one of the Twelve, was leading them. He approached Jesus to kiss him,48 but Jesus asked him, “Judas, are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?”. Judas Iscariot plays the role of samson’s donkey when his Jawbone, the frame of his mouth, is used to kiss Jesus so he could be killed.
    By Andre Austin
    The Roman Empire under the Flavians had the Gospels written as a satire, parody and lampoon of the militaristic Messianic movement of the Sicari/Zealot movement in Judea that fought against Rome coloniasm, slavery and taxation. The Zealots and Sicari were offshoots of the five Maccabees brothers who fought Rome for the right to practice their religion-to eat what they saw fit, circumcise, self-defense upholding the Sabbath and other matters. The Gospels were written to get the Jews to compromise everything objection the Maccabee’s and zealots/Sicari didn’t want to submit to. Here is a list of some events that were design to dehumanize and demonize religious peoples by government psychological warfare aiming to pacify and to get obedience. The biggest trick of them all of all time was having the Anti-Christ write the NT and have to worship the father and son of Vespasian and Titus instead of the Sicari/Zealot movement that was for the violent overthrow of Rome. Christianity is just the opposite of what it appears to be.
    1. The Word Gospels means good news of military victory and not spiritual enlightenment. Jesus meant savior and Christ meant messiah. A messiah that would use military means to overthrow Rome’s occupation. The Gospels portray a non-violent Messiah that reverses and flips the jewish religion making it anti-history and anti-religious,
    The Gospel isn’t History but Anti-history. It’s a parody of Jesus ministry of Titus military events recorded in Josephus War of The Jews. The Roman ruler Titus provided lavish gladiatorial contest and shows in his Amphitheatre and in combat situations in the field. Gladiators in Rome had fish on top of their helmets, a net and trident used to ensnare (catch) their opponents. Roman General Titus told his solders at his first military campaign in Galilee to catch Jews out of the water in the manner of the gladitors. Jesus begins his ministry in galilee telling disciples to catch men. later in his military campaign Jews surrender to Titus after eating gold. The rebel jewish leader Peter is upset and he "took pieces of what they were eating almost out of their very throats" (War of the Jews book 5: chapter 10) Now in the gospel we have another peter being told by Jesus to take coins out of fish (Jews) to pay taxes (Matthew 17)
    1. Josephus Bar Matthias ask Titus to bring down three men from a cross from which one survives. Joseph of Arimathea (pun on Mathias) ask permission to bring Jesus body down which survives. There was no city named Arimathea during this time. Taking down the body happens at the place of the skull in gospels but in WOJ at the place of Inquiring minds=same DNA. The joke is the dead skulls lying in a ditch are bundled together brainstorming (inquiring) about how they all got crucified.
    2. Thinking about Inquiring Minds “Paul twice parodies the Zealot terminology reversing.. and connecting it instead now to his idea of prophesying and speaking in tongues”-James,Tthe Bro of Jesus By Robert Eisenman p.262
    3. The Sicarii movement were Jewish assassins turned into Satan/Donkeys. Judas Iscariot last name is a pun on the OT donkey jawbone that used to kill or its back used to carry a burden (Cross). Judas kiss of death with his mouth (jawbone frame of the mouth) on Jesus gets it analogy from Judges 15:16 & Issachar in Genesis 49:14-15.Keep in mind that the word Satan evolved from the Egyptian God Set-Hen which had the head of a Donkey. Vespasian nickname was the mule driver in which he drives Simon/Peter to Rome for the Triumph and his death. If we go further back into history we find the tribe of Ishmael (White Arabs) were ID with the God Set (Satan) and his birth with the founding of the Hyksos kingdom of occupation in Egypt. “He will be a wild *** (Donkey) of a man: his hand will be against every man, and every hand against him” (Genesis 16:11-12). Two new books in 2014 by D.M. Murdock and Joe Atwill have inscriptions from ancient Rome of an ***-headed man being crucified.
    4. Jesus begins his ministry by telling followers they will be fishers of Men. Titus begins his military campaign by fishing Jewish rebels out of the sea with spears.
    5. Jesus puts an evil spirit into pigs that’s run over a cliff. Titus rushes Jewish militants over a cliff in the same number.
    6. Mt. Gerizzim a location where rebel Jews die of thirst (War of Jews 3, VI 307-313). Jesus made to say he is living water at the same location and no one shall thirst (John 4:7-21)
    7. The Second Coming led to believe no one knew the time or place was a sarcastic statement because time was given as a generation (40 years) from his fictional death in 33CE from which the Zealots were defeated at Masada in 73CE
    8. Saving the best for last is Jewish rebels dying of starvation from their failed efforts to break a prison wall built by Titus enciring Judea (Luke 19:43) & WOJ 5,12, 499-501. To fight off starvation some of the Jews engaged in Cannibalism. This is the origin of the eurarist and the doctrine of Transubstaniation of eating the flesh of Jesus body. A reckless coincidence is found in the original Maccabee history where an old gray Eleazar refuses to save himself by eating swine. In the WOJ it’s a young infant named Elezaar who is eaten by starving Mary from the house of Hyssop. Osiris has the same Elezarr name whose body is cut up and put back together except for the missing Phallus being eaten by a Nile pike fish. So when the Catholics eat that circular wafer it may be symbolic of the sun and a testicle.
    One of the primary causes for the war between the Romans and the Jews was the Jews refusal to worship the Roman emperors as gods. Through the rest of the empire did, the Jews would not call Caesar “Lord”. As I have pointed out, the cruelest deception of Christianity is that by replacing the Jewish God and son of God with Roman emperors, it tricked Jews in the NT into calling Caesar “Lord” without them knowing it. Christianity stole the identities of the God of Judaism and his messiah rebel sons, as well as those of zealots/Sicarii John and Simon. The leaders of the messianic rebellion. Their identities were given to Vespasian and Titus and to the “Christian Apostles” john and Simon. These disguised characters were combined with other symbols of Roman conquest, the cross of the crucifixion and the flesh of the Messiah”, to create a religion that both absorbed and ridiculed the messiah movement.
    THE SINS OF THE MOTHER/FATHER etal: Cannibalism & Christianity
    By Andre Austin
    Lightning hit me a couple of months ago when I read Caesar’s Messiah written by Joseph Atwill. He started putting the dots together after reading the Dead Sea Scrolls and discovered in part that Jesus ministry was a parody of Titus military campaign and that the history of Christianity was in part a spoof, satire and lampoon of the Maccabees history.
    Anyone who knows just a tiny bit of Jewish history can learn that when the Greeks and Romans fought the Jews over their land and religion and Christianity was propaganda against the jewish religion. I will try to demonstrate this by talking about some rites and rituals.
    Communal meals
    The Jews who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls had a communal meal that had strict hierarchy and well ordered. Their scrolls present none of the symbolism of bread/fish for flesh or of wine for blood that appears in the NT passages. (Judaism, Christianity, and the Scrolls By Norman Golb p.371). So why would the NT Jews write cannibalism/vampirism into their theology? If you’re doing a spoof, parody and lampoon of a people for character assassination then you make mockery of their militant resistance and have them submit to sinful deeds they didn’t partake in. haters sometimes reverse or turn upside down the teachings of their opposition. For example: Paul makes Jesus be of the priesthood of Melchizedek bread/wine (Gen 14:18/Hebrews 7:11-25) while the scrolls have a Teacher of right/Messiah from the family of Aaron=Maccabees. Another example is Flavius Josephus in his (Life.35) talks about a Jesus of Gamala being put to death then going to super time dinner. Paul sates: “For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death” (1 Cor 11:26).
    The Maccabees: 1st 2nd book of Maccabees
    In 168 BC the Greeks did the “Abomination that causes desolation” (Daniel 11:31) by putting a filthy pig in the Jewish altar and making the Jews sacrifice.
    In 167 BC in a town in Jerusalem a captain in the army of Antiochus Epiphanes erected a pagan altar and commanded the Jews to come forward and sacrifice a pig in order to demonstrate their loyalty to Antiochus. An aged priest, Mattathias, was ordered to set an example and be the first to obey but he refused. Then a Judean (Judas type) collaborator approached the altar to sacrifice a pig, Enraged, Mattathias killed the apostate Jew and the Syrian Captain. The priest and his five sons destroyed the pagan altar and fled to the mountains.
    The news of mattathias rebellion spread quickly. Many, who had been timid before, responded when Mattathias and his sons raised their war cry. Mattathias died within a year of tearing down of the pagan altar. On his deathbed he appointed his son Judah (Judas), who was surnamed Maccabeus as commander in chief. Some scholars say his name derives from the war cry makkebet, Hebrew word for “Hammer”. Some of his victories of purify the sanctuary of the Greek’s god Zeus and pigs of the sanctuary as the origins of Hanukkah.
    Antiochus failed in their determination to put an end to Jewish resistance and their religion. He forbade the use of their scriptures, The Sabbath, circumcision and food regulations. He removed the golden altar, the candlestick, the table, the golden vessels and all the treasures. They also spread rumors of the Jews killing a Greek every year and feeding on their human intestines. Clearly Antochus was anti-Semitic. But why do the standards change with the writings of the NT which did basically the same thing? (From Bondage to freedom by Daniel Fuchs p.94-100).
    When Jesus talks about the Abomination of Desolation Matthew 24:7-15 he isn’t talking about the evil deeds of the Greeks but the Romans under Titus surrounding Jerusalem within a wall then with the slatuheter of not pigs but Jews who died of famine and human sacrifice. In the NT we have an incident where a demon infects one man and he put into 2,000 pigs. Atwill book states this was a spoof on Titus killing Jews/pigs/demons and running the 2,000 of them herded off over a cliff like the swine. This side note or going off a tangent will be important later because Paul talks about food sacrificed to idols as not bad (the food not bad 1Cor 8). But when we get to 1Cor 10:15-22 Idols are demons/Jews?
    The Fourth book of Maccabees: Sovereignty of Reason
    The causes of this book discourse Professor Torrey calls a Greek diatribe-may be the abuses of Antiochus Epiphanies (The madman), may have been the intended target or Caligula. He is the torturer of the book. Caligula ordered the erection of his divine statue in the temple and may be dated 40AD. The narration of 4 Maccabees concern the attempt to force Eleazar and his seven sons to eat unclean food, thus violating Jewish law. Antiochus offers to let eleazar not eat the unclean meat, not to defile him personally, if he will confirm to others that he has eaten unclean food. Eleazar (Lazarus in Greek) doesn’t fall for the trap and his martyrdom with his wife and sons are models for others.( The other bible editor by Willis Barnstone p. 153-154. However the NT reverses all the standards of the Maccabees and have them submit to ending food regulation, circumcision, Sabbath etal.
    I will now quote passages from the fourth book of Maccabees and attempt to show that Paul from the NT might be alluding to some of its text.
    A Babies head flung to walls for having been circumcised
    B. Hebrews one by one force them to eat of swine’s flesh and of meat consecrated to idols. Paul submits to it (1 Cor chapter 8:7-11) He also turns idols into demons/Jews.
    C “Many were seized and corralled and the first of the herd to be hauled before the tyrant was a man called Eleazar, a priest by family and expert in the law, advanced in age” (Flavius Josephus reverses it and turns him into a child to be eaten by a Mary of the house of hyssop in the War of the Jews).
    D. “We will put before you some of the cooked food: do you pretend to taste of the swine’s flesh and be saved” Paul has Christians be a fool for Christ and pretend Christ flesh is wine body is bread. Remembering this act helps Christians be saved in their faith (1 Cor 11:25-26). “Our father Eleazar …ah priest worthy of the priesthood, never did you sully your sacred teeth, never by eating of abomination, did you defile”. In Josephus Atwill book he states “As I have shown Eleazar was a Jewish messiah for whom Jesus was switched in the NT”. The dark parody comes: “If anyone eats of this bread he will live forever (saved); and the bread that I shall give is my flesh, which I shall give for the life of the world” (John 6: 49-52). Eat Jesus and be saved the same they put on the Jews above.
    E. “Never may we children of Abraham be so misguided in our thoughts that out of weakness of spirit we should enact a comedy becomes so ill…prove to be a model of impiety to the young by setting an example for eating of forbidden food”. This was the inspiration of Flavius Josephus to write the myth of Jews eating a child named Eleazar (Lazarus) in his War of the Jews. It spills over to the NT where the dead Lazarus they made him a supper. All of this is dark comedy to be against the Jews. Reason with me. With all of this history of Jews being persecuted for the food they ate or didn’t want to eat do you think religious Jews wrote the NT? No the Romans wrote it to attack the Jews. Flavius reverses the sins of the Father Eleazar to the Mother of a child named Eleazar and then creates several starving Mary’s.
    F. In the fourth book of Maccabees Eleazar says “Make my blood expiation for them and take my life as a ransom for theirs”. Paul makes similar statement for Jesus in Hebrews 9:15
    G. You watched Eleazar undergoing torture; and you said to your children –speaking in Hebrew: My sons, noble is the contest”…
    Divine indeed was the contest virtue was the umpire and its score was for constancy. Victory was incorruptibility in a life of long duration. Eleazar was the prime contestant; but the mother of the seven sons entered the competition and the brothers too vied for the prize. The tyrant was the adversary and the world and humanity were the spectators. Reverence for god was the winner, and crowned her own champions…our enemies did not prevail over our nation and the tyrant was chastised and our land purified they having become as it were a ransom for the sin of the nation.”
    Now comes Paul to make a mockery of the above quote: “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever. Therefore I do not run like someone running aimlessly; I do not fight like a boxer beating the air. No, I strike a blow to my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize. (1 Cor 9:24-27).
    In 4th book of Maccabees God is the victor and Martyrdoms “Bore off the prize” but Paul wants the prize. The real prize is pure souls obeying the law of god from which Paul attempt to subvert the law by introducing cannibalism and telling people God set up the Romans to rule over you and pay them taxes (Romans 13). This is what the rebel Jews were all against. Paul wanted to purified souls/hearts by faith (Acts 14:9); while Eleazar and his crew practiced their faith by deeds of not disobeying god’s law even if it meant tongues cut out, blinded, on the rack where limbs taken out of joints, put to fire.
    After reading the history of the Jews struggle with foreign powers there is no way I could believe that Jewish Christians had anything to do with writing the NT. It would have been a total surrender for everything they ever stood up for righteousness. When Paul switched the priesthood from Aaron to Melchizedek he was clearly against them and trying to cut them off. Paul hates Aaron and his priesthood he talks about the bogus story of Aaron making gods of the golden calf (Egyptian Horus) and Star of your god Rephan (Egyptian Remphram/so called star of David upright/upside down pyramid) see Acts 7:39-44. The lower part of heaven was the Tuat and the upper part was heaven we meet them in the bible as 12 gates of heaven with the upright/upside down pyramids (Rev 21:12) and as a so called star of David in Rev 22:16. Richard Elliott Friedman author of Who wrote the Bible clearly proves the Aaron making golden calf was a bogus myth. Flavius Josephus uses all the above symbols of a star resembling a sword, a heifer and lamb taken to the temple altar for sacrifice as another desolation that gates will be open for their enemies War of the Jews 6:5 3;288-297
    Eucharist of the Body of Osiris: Compares to the Roman Catholic Eucharist
    The mysteries of Osiris at Denderah By E.A Wallis Budge
    The walls of one of the two courts which form part of the Temple of Osiris at Denderah contain a long inscription describing the bas-reliefs which illustrate the mysteries and ceremonies that were performed annually in honor of Osiris in that city. The first section of the text deals with the making of sixteen models of the sixteen pieces (or 14) into which the body of Osiris was hacked and cut by Set (Satan). Each model was made of wheat [ the resurrection of Osiris is closely connected with the germination of wheat; the grain which is put into the ground is dead. When the seed rises its Osiris back resurrected life], is mixed with some specially prepared paste.
    The Catholics eat a wafer in circular form symbolic of the Son/Sun
    (see Osiris & the Egyptian resurrection Volume 2 p.21
    The 16 or 14 parts of Osiris body that was cut up was reassembled by his wife Isis. Everything was recovered except the penis because it was eaten by a Nile fish. Isis made a substitute penis from an Obelisk which was symbolic of an erect/resurrected penis in the same manner that wheat was. Also circumcision, the cutting of a small portion of the top of the penis skin was a religious ritual and ceremony to virility, generation and or germination. This is the origin of the Jewish circumcision which had nothing originally dealing with a covenant of laws which came from the 42 negative confession or admotions of Amen/Maat. This was watered down to Ten commandments.
    Which the Roman generals and Emperors seized control of the Old testament they directed that a New testament be written to honor them as God’s by another name=Jesus. They turned out the Jewish law and in mockery had the penis of Jesus (Lazrus eaten). They also made a mockery of the Sicarius/zealot movement (rebels using knifes fighting Rome) into a self-mutilation and castration gang. Instead of having their knife point towards their enemy Rome they had them turn it on themselves. This sounds similar to what the FBI did with black gangs allowing them to terrorize the law abiding black communities throughout the USA.
    By Joe Atwill
    Book Review By Andre Austin
    The second round in the Caesar’s Messiah series of three has just hit the stands and fan for all the Christian slaves and admires of Joe Atwill’s creative writing skills. If you haven’t read Caesar’s Messiah(CM) it’s a perquisite to reading his 2nd book Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah (SSM) and its DNA ancestor War of the Jews By Flavius Josephus Bar Matthias/ Joseph of Arimathea. However, in SSM Jerry Russell, PHD gives an extending introduction that touches deeply upon the 1st book. Atwill calculates that a third volume of the Caesar’s Messiah trilogy will come soon as Spiritual Bazaar: Wars and: A Jewess Strikes back. Don’t hold him to the title because SSM was supposed to be called The Single Strand; meaning that Christianity wasn’t worth one strand of his wife’s hair on her head.
    What Atwill did for Littature in Shakespeare and the true history of Christianity is the equivalent of what Einstein did for science (E=M2) and the universe. Atwill decodes 666 and the Trinity allowing us laymen to decode Paul letters, Acts and Revelations. Much of the mysteries and secrets about Christianity have been out since 2005 and nobody has knocked Atwill off his square of truth telling. I’m a follower and disciple of him because he’s exposing lies and laying the hammer on the truth.
    If Atwill was a lawyer he would file his brief (Caesar’s Messiah) with the court outlining the original intent of the framers of the New Testament in tricking the masses into believing Caesar was a God , the instigation of Anti-Semitism, make a fool of people, create pacifism and tax paying tribute to Rome. Unanimously 9-0 the Court would reverse and order a set aside of the Gospel’s canon and codification of any laws or so-called righteousness.
    All English and history teachers should be reading SSM. Shakespeare is to Lit what Michael Jordan is to Basketball and no sports historian could ignore Jordan in their annals. When the “sodomite castrated slave” Paul said be a Fool for Christ it meant it not in a spiritual manner but as a slave bending to the will of the three (trinity) Flavian Caesar’s: Vespasian, Titus and Domitian. Domitian was the last to be of the Flavian Caesar’s but he was the first to be called Caesar in Rome because his father Vespasian (the father) and Titus (the son) were busy out of the country fighting and this is why he’s called alpha and Omega the beginning and end or the first and the last. Domitian didn’t like his brother and gave him the evil number of 666. The uneducated would have quickly thought it was referring to Nero because Suetonius in his Twelve Caesars cites a lampooning poem that talks about numbering the monster (beast) Nero. I then added that Suetonius was taking about Titus because he said Titus “would prove to be a second Nero”. Atwill takes it to another level and cites that Titus Greek name is Teitan with the two t’s =600 the E is five the I is 10 A is 1plus the N is 50 for a total of 666. Domitian was jealous that the 4 Gospel make The father and son divine as Christ. So he had Paul letters Acts and revelations make his the Christ that replaces Titus. The first Catholic Pope Clemens didn’t want to go along with this because he was used to Titus as Christ and Domitian had him executed. Domitian was the baldheaded sucker who wore a white lamb’s wool wig who wanted to be Satan (Lucifer/morning star) and a God. His Satan part took place by killing children dead (Rev 2:22) He is the rider of the white horse and the red complexion dragon attempting to kill pregnant mothers. Domitian defines the synagogue of Satan as the Imperial Cult of Vespasian and Titus who pretend to be Jews and are not. Domitian tries to discredit Vespasian and Titus for killing a million Jews, forcing them into cannibalism (Eucharist/Holy communion) and castrating all their tall handsome youth. However, I careful read of Revelation calls for another wave of killing Jews and more vampirism and cannibalism (Rev 17:16; 19:17).
    “Through today virtually everyone sees Christianity as a religion, it was actually a system of mind control created by the Caesars to produce ignorant serfs/slaves that believed that God decreed their slavery…Below is the order of rank of the Feudal System”:
    The Pope
    The King
    In 2014 we have basically the same feudal system is going on in new terms on a sophisticated level.
    Now enter the Jewish Emilia Bassano the real ghost writer of Shakespeare. The hostile whites of England called the family member Moor or black and she was the dark lady or black mistress of Shakespeare’s sonnets. She was the first women in England to publish a long poem Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum (Hail God, King of the Jews). England wanted to expel blackamoors & Negroes from England so the Bassano’s pretended to convert to Christianity. The coat of arms of the Bassano family featured a mulberry tree. The mulberry tree is called morus in Latin, which is translated as moor in English. Some of her family members were from Africa in Morocco. Atwill decodes many of Shakespeare (Emilia Bassano) plays like Romeo and Juliet, Titus Andronicus, Hamlet and The Merchant of Venice as revenge and reversal plays against Titus, Rome and the Christians for their mistreatment of Jewish people. Atwill successfully decodes the allegory and typology of the plays. Atwill is a great admirer of Christopher Marlowe and Emilia. Marlowe was killed because he overtly wrote that the Gospels were a parody of Vespasian & Titus War of the Jews recorded by Josephus Bar Mathias. Marlowe was accused of believing that Jesus was a bastard, homosexual and that his mother was a whore (see p.83). But if Titus was pretending to be Jesus then the charge of bi-sexuality against Titus who was very fond of Eunuchs and Homosexuals he had in his musical troop and broke off relations with them for Bernice. Even Paul the sodomite slave under Domitian rule only banned “Homosexual offenders” from the Kingdom of Domitian (1 Corinthians 5:9). After Marlowe was killed Emilia would only write her plays exposing Christianity in a covert, allegorical form being the opposite of Marlowe’s overt writing. Atwill’s comrade in Literature John Hudson, only two months ago published his book Shakespeare’s Dark Lady gets more in detail about Emilia. “John has assured me (Atwill) that he will assert that these are the facts; that I discovered both that Emilia was the author and that the plays were reversals of the Flavians’ typology” of basing characters upon other characters from other times and places. However, Hudson did discover the Swan song code of Emilia name in the plays. I never liked Shakespeare because it was difficult to understand. With the works of Atwill and Hudson I’m starting to admire Shakespeare’s (Emilia) work now that I understand part of it. And now I’m seeing all the variation of Emilia’s name that plays cast of character roles in several of Shakespeare’s plays. Now English and history teachers can teach the real total context of Shakespeare works and how it relates to Christianity.
    Atwill’s three round knockout against falsehood is getting bigger and bigger. He’s like Muhammad Ali knocking out all critics. He’s a bad man (bad meaning good), for he Shakes up the world to true light. Nobody has knock him out the ring and its almost impossible to get him off his square. He take the spear of his pen and stabs to death all the lies we have been told. I suspect that in round three of his volume 3 will be the final blow and mop up all the riff raff who don’t have a clue about Caesar’s Messiah.
    Book Review By Andre Austin

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    Alexamenos graffito

    The Alexamenos graffito (also known as the graffito blasfemo) is an inscription carved in plaster on a wall near the Palatine Hill in Rome, now in the Palatine Antiquarium Museum. It is alleged to be among the earliest known pictorial representations of the Crucifixion of Jesus, together with some engraved gems
    The image depicts a human-like figure attached to a cross and possessing the head of a donkey. In the top right of the image is what has been interpreted as either the Greek letter upsilon or a tau cross. To the left of the image is a young man, apparently intended to represent Alexamenos a Roman soldier/guard, raising one hand in a gesture possibly suggesting worship. Beneath the cross is a caption written in crude Greek: can be understood as a variant spelling (possibly a phonetic misspelling) of Standard Greek ϲεβεται, which means "worships". The full inscription would then be translated as "Alexamenos worships [his] God".Several other sources suggest "Alexamenos worshipping God", or similar variants, as the intended translation.
    “This is a treasure beyond words”, says Joe Atwill. Alexamenos, likely servant came to understand the symbolism concerning the pruned Christ with the *** head. Perhaps the servant overheard patricians joking about how they given the slaves a *** head to worship. Another secret is now coming out.