Black Spirituality Religion : Caught, Lost, Stuck???

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    I guess u could say im white...although my marxist studies hav led me to analyze only one human race on earth divided by class...n well... i have an extensive library of books on ancient civilizations, metaphysics, astronomy, time, and lots on kmt. i xercise daily. lately ive been completely entrenched with studying marx & revolutionary history n theory. i read the nation, download n listen 2 democracy...marxism seams the historical threads into class struggle...racism, religion, time, history, etc. ALL manipulated to maintain class conditions. IT seams there is nothing more true, nothing more paramount than to resolve this issue of class struggle, class war, colonialism, imperialism, neo-liberalism, etc...for the collective betterment of the worlds people & all its life forms. to do away with the opportunists and the reformists, & counter-revolutionaries since history has taught us, they 2 be collaborators with system. Fascism was created out of revolution of capitalism, Capitalism out of feudalism, and the king & queens divine & ordained rite to own, control, & rule with all their laws 2 justify their crimes....i apologize 4 ranting....the core of my thought is with all this REALITY...I GOT SIDETRACKED...BUT...i feel i need to continue down this road even though i may end up immortal getting whiplash scars! i believe jesus was a revolutionary that spoke truth to power & thats why he got got. jux like the rest thruout u see i want 2 return 2 my kmt studies BUT that would be selfish of me...i feel as though nothing else matters until there is a world revolution...