Black Poetry : Cats try Ebonics and fail it's black English so exact and distinguish it has a diatonic scale it's s


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May 11, 2006
Cats try Ebonics and fail
it's black English
so exact and distinguish
it has a diatonic scale
it's so ironic and prevail
drinking gin and tonic while females
strut butt all sorts of clever
short letter are forever
on her desk
to go along with her breasts
now this is BLACK HIP HOP
in VIRGINIA BEACH equip to shop
at pharmacies pick up pills
and find chicks that spill
love in the club
get hugs from above
in HIP swift and quick
let the hates do the arithmetic
only, they junk don't add up
he slaughter fakes
and like water snakes
jest swim away
and be above the rim today
she was in high school
and played by the rule
her pie is dope
and had high hope
of graduating
shop fast to SAM
HIP HOP and pass exams
she fiddle with fame and scriptures
be in the middle of frames like pictures
“SO LOOK BOO he wanted sex galore
so he ran next door
it was to complex to ignore
the hot chick
with the chopsticks
from KOREA was there
she has yellow skin
and that's mellow to men
oh it's kit and boodles
with ramen noodles
she's dressed in a mini-skirt
her thighs cream she flirt
she wear mad silk
and boys wanna add milk
to her coffee because she's built
softly, he prevail in quote
and like a sailboat he float
on water while a rope slaughter
her hope with a loop
her body dope fruit
he try rap major
and adapt his behavior
for a love affair
he wanna rub her hair
because it's wavy
so pause for the gravy
it was a deft menace
just left the dentist
he had to pay sixty dollars and thirty three cent
a real dirty event
wow her panties are hot
rather in the car or not
a KOREAN girl go through a lot
in VIRGINIA BEACH can't stop
a train and his plot remain
OK she left VIRGINIA BEACH lost so
she end up a COSTCO
in flip flops
listening to HIPHOP
approach by a nosy lady
asking about price of her shoes
asking about price of her shoes
anyway a boy had a bold itch
plus his car rolled into a ditch
oh the mud he's stuck
he best call a tow truck
no way he can get her do-nut
stuck that way today no luck
“hey boo he can unstuck the truck
if a chick just happen to give it up
“NAW PLAYER she better walk home
KOREAN GIRL don't get down like that
you wear bling in club
whisper in her ear sing love
get with your buddies and sling mud
at me” “NAW GIRL lets go to the car?”
“NAW PLAYER love words has submerged
in my brain and drowned my thoughts
now she's downtown caught
talking to scrubs wow need TLC
my thing ignited that's a big threat
and like a lighted cigarette
its hot,” “BOO like spoons his words
drop with a clatter, hit the floors verbs
scatter bed-springs pop and shatter absurd “
“ WOW she cook roast at home
and growth hormones
are release into her bloodstream
first part of sleep a thug dream
is to throw her in the bed but
she duck ask what up they be stuck
for words and jest kiss her lips
right there, can't go anywhere
devastate fast in the brain
then celebrate with a glass of champagne
not twisting the rule
or missing school
but kissing is cool
if she escape with cake
this has fluctuations
hard to duck a situation
when a girl's panties down
this boy have a sick itch
and wanna flick her switch
and wanna flick her switch
turn on her spot lights
because her pie is hot right?
HE SAID” got love in the palm
of his hand so he's a calm
man stats get tossed
at all cost
he want her to take her panties off
“aw girl you got some yellow oriental thighs”
now he looks at her breasts
his phat plan is ill
but now at a standstill
grab the spinach and clutches
ready to put the finish touches
on this pop eye story
being a hot guy is mandatory
SHE SAID: she think he wanna sweet kiss
and a complete list
of her boyfriends
chips ahoy spins
a box of cookies
and stop them rookies
he got hot pride
but not qualified
to hit the skins
oh KOREAN GIRLS go through
boys try reach their love zone
look we got haters talking about age
doubt they ever wrote a page
of HIPHOP guess they wannabes
LOL yall write a rhyme gonna see
what you got


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