Black People : Castro sees transformation of food into energy as monstrous act

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    Culled from The People's Daily (China)

    Castro sees transformation of food into energy as monstrous act

    Cuban local daily Granma published Thursday a new article of President Fidel Castro, in which he said "the transformation of food into energy is a monstrous act," as a reflection of Argentine Atlio Boron's article.

    In the text titled "the debate intensifies," Castro said, "food is transformed into energy to continue the irrationality of a civilization, that in order to safeguard the wealth and privileges of a few people, carry out a brutal attack against environment."
    Castro said that with those actions, capitalism gets ready to practise a massive euthanasia to the poor, and especially to the southern poor, because southern region of the planet holds the largest biomass reserves needed to produce biofuels.

    The Cuban President said that no matter how official discourses say it is not an option between food and fuels, reality proves " that this is precisely the alternative: either land is destined to produce food or to produce biofuels."

    "Mathematics do not lie: neither the United States nor the European Union have land available to sustain a simultaneous food production and agro-energy increase," Castro said.


    Culled frof CaribbeanNetNews: http://www.caribbeannetnews

    Cuba's Fidel Castro publishes new article against biofuels
    Published on Friday, May 11, 2007

    HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba late Wednesday released an advance copy of an article by convalescing President Fidel Castro on the evils of biofuels.

    It is the sixth article attributed to Castro, 80, in the nine months he has been recovering from intestinal surgery.

    In the article, to appear in Thursday's newspapers, Castro chastises biofuel proponents for being ignorant or indifferent to the fact that people will go hungry in order for fuel to be produced -- or the proponents are doing it for their own material interest.

    Support for biofuels is "ethically and politically unacceptable," and what is needed is "an energy revolution, but one at the service of the people and not of the monopolies and imperialism (US dominance)."

    It is Castro's second written comment of the week. On Tuesday in the Communist Party newspaper Granma he blamed the United States for a fatal attempted hijacking of a plane by two deserting soldiers in Havana last week.

    Four of the six articles attributed to the Cuban leader have been on the "dangers" of biofuel production.
    Castro was last seen in public on July 26, 2006, one day before his operation. During his recovery he has appeared in photographs and in six video recordings, the most recent one released on January 30.

    A seventh video, in which he meets visiting Chinese officials, was not broadcast on the island. In the footage Castro, dressed in a track suit, appears to have returned to some of his work, and seemed to have gained some weight.

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    let's hear it for capitalism, eh? who cares about people when they can make a buck?

    the question i've always had is: where is there for an economic system when the environmental system is shot?