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    Peace and Blessings Family,

    Can anyone give me a brief summation of Castro - Cuba - and Black People?

    I don't know a lot about the relationship between the three, nor much at all about the first two.

    I do know that it appears the US government hates Castro and Cuba. I know this country has put sanctions on Cuba, trying to make life hard for the non-white people there. I have heard that Castro has never backed down to the US, always held his ground, in spite of the sanctions and such, put upon them. These things alone, are enough to make me love the man and his country. I'm also aware of him giving a home to our Beloved Sister Assata Shakur. There may be others as well, i just don't know.

    With President Castro's reported illness, and age, there seems to be a major change coming soon. As a result, there's been more buzz in the news about Cuba and the United States' relationship with them.

    I heard Condoleeza Rice say that we (the US) are just trying to let the Cubans know that we are here for them, to help them transition to a new government ... democracy ... so they don't have to simply accept their next president, and continue living under a tyranny ... or something like that.

    My heart goes out to Sister Assata Shakur, for if the US has their way in this, she'll be caught and sent back to prison ... or worse. That's just one thing, i'm sure there are many more "worses" for Cuba, if they trust the US ... after treating their people as they have, all this time.

    Okay Family ... somebody please help me understand what's really going on, what's finna happen, and should it concern us.

    Love Yall!


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    I like to remind people that nearly 20 years ago the South African’s sent their army into Angola to help Jonas Savimbi topple the MPLA. They ended up completely surrounded and defeated by the MPLA and the Cuban expeditionary Army.

    Their defeat was so complete that the Afrikaners had no option about freeing Namibia [which had been their protectorate] and dismantling Apartheid [which is why the West will never forgive Castro] or have over 60% their army put to the sword. These FACTS are never even admitted to or mentioned in the West [defeat saps morale and generates trauma] whereas we constantly review and highlight the African HOLOCAUST of the last 500 years.

    mymic1 Then there is the younger generation of leaders in Cuba. That’s where the problem may lie. There is a strong group of young people fiercely loyal to Fidel and his ideology. Many of them see themselves as the torchbearers of the Cuban revolution and will probably do all they can to maintain the status quo. Maybe, maybe not only time will tell.

    Finally there are those who have been underground for years working for democracy. They will feel free to come out in the open and actively push for radical political reforms.
    We need to worry about the type of transition and hope that instability does not occur. That will determine whether the direction of the exodus comes towards our shores of away from them. Far more important is the alternative leadership and example Cuba has provided with regard to how to intelligently govern a country with comparatively limited resources, which is the real reason Castro is truly hated by the Luciferian PARASITES focused on achieving their One World currency/government agenda. I agree with this poster

    thokoxaba Most of the Cubans who are not "feeling Castro" are white cubans who under Fulgencio Bautista were having a good ol' time oppressing Black people and always had reassurances that they would never touch rock bottom because there was a plethora of brown & black-skinned people to cushion them from that.

    The concept of "Equality" is absolutely abhorrent to these people which is exactly why many of them are so focused on getting to White Supremacist Racist dominated USA where the KKK and other diverse array of Pale faced PARASITES are still an integral part of the power elite.

    I was there in June 2002 I was genuinely shocked at what they have achieved with their comparatively limited resources, whilst being socio-economically strangled [by the USA] for over 40 years by the most powerful economy on the Planet?

    I am not arguing that Cuba is Utopia [read below], however neither is the USA in which the underclass [comprised mainly of African Americans] is in a far worse state than Cuba’s, especially when you consider how little material wealth Cuba has in comparison to the USA.

    Materially they’re not comparable to the USA especially with regard to cars and electrical goods, but can you put a price on streets free of drug dealers and petty criminals cutting each other [and any innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire] to pieces; along with a FREE healthcare system that is easily the best in the World.

    My biggest disappointment there was the fact that racism from the Spanish/White elite [despite Castro’s efforts] has maintained the usual status quo in the Caribbean and the rest of the Diaspora; with the African Cubans at the bottom of both the social and economic ladders.

    With regard to who is in the main the underclass Cuba is still in alignment with the USA despite Castro’s efforts, however without him I’m convinced that the non-white Cubans in general, the African Cubans in particular would find themselves under far more openly racist oppression than they’re currently experiencing.

    Anyone who genuinely believes they are not programmed is graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE! ​
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