Black Teenagers : Case of the EX

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    Dec 13, 2004
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    I have a lil problem
    I've asked so many people,and I keep getting the same answers.

    Ok well, Ive liked this boy since the 8th grade so when he approached me i was so surprised coz i thought he was too good for me & that i was ugly. I dated this boy in the 10th grade he was my first love, we broke up in like 2004 i know its almost 2006 so that's a long time ago! ive dated other people since then but no one compares to him.Whenever im with another boy i compare them to my ex,and no matter what he's always on my mind.
    I dated his friend (I didnt know they were friends),
    And everyone just thought i was just trying to get back at my ex, when i wasnt.

    Now I've been on a strike from boys for about 6 months as you might know, This isnt because of the reasons i've told you before its because i really cant get over my ex... I thought if i gave myself time id forget about him,but i havent. It just seems like whenever i meet a guy im seekin for my ex.

    Anyway people been saying i should just get over him because hes probably changed etc, I know he's changed for a fact he's matured alot and hes not always acting all stupid.I know there is something there,and i also know he's shy and wont approach me coz hes scared.I dont know who else to turn to, i think i've got it bad.

    what do i do? its ok if you can't help.
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    talk 2 him cuz he might b goin through the same thing