Black Poetry : Carrying on

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    We do this all the time
    Rather it be
    Literally or physically
    But it will always take time in order 4 it to happen.
    Dragging it on
    People putting their things on top of yours.
    Bringing bad memories
    feeling the breeze at take off
    Coming across as the story holder of my life
    Wanting to hold on
    To some things others took away
    Cause they think now a days
    Others ways have taken precedent
    Over your old school
    Get with the program
    Follow me as I carry on
    Only these items
    The size of this concerns me.
    Rules are rules
    Their will be rulers
    Like I said things have happened.
    While u treasure
    Many items
    Your memory of yesterdays ways will help
    You carry on with others maybe more
    Eventually carrying on needs an ending
    That's the point
    Nerves need to be taken into account
    Getting on mine will cause a feud every time.
    Rules change
    As the past proves all precedents.
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