Black Poetry : Caregiver Blues!

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    CAREGIVER BLUES BY msluciousb

    Caring for you like you cared for me.
    Making me weak when your weakness I see.
    I must be strong I tell myself, If not for you
    for everyone else.

    I hold you close when pain racks your body.
    The firm flesh of my youth has now lost it's
    firmness. Your smile is almost toothless but
    to me you look the best.
    My arms enfold you but they cannot console
    you, your deepest pain is unreachable by

    For the care that you gave to me and my siblings
    and there is no one there caring for you but me.
    You long for your childrens unified affection, but
    the others are lost seeking direction.

    I reach for your withered hand when the doctors
    words you don't understand. I am teaching my
    teacher, and mothering my mother. Missing my
    sister and missing my brother. But , hold on to
    you I must, for in God I do trust. I do what I do
    not because of some great reward.
    No will can compensate me monetarily for all that
    you gave.

    My feet hurt, my back aches, to many nights have
    been spent wide awake. My heart how it breaks
    but not for my sake. But, for mother's everywher
    who long for their childrens care.
    I do what I do not because of some great reward.
    I do what I do you see, because you did it for me.

    *Dedicate to my Mom with undying love and affection