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Mar 20, 2001
I have lost my freedom of speech...
no, I mean my freedom with words...
cause lately I...
I can't...
what's the word...
my thoughts into verses
like I used to be able to do.
I used to love to rhyme...
I used to shine...
spitting out verses and phrases
that would make folks just step back and and utter
But lately I...
I stutter over the keys
and what used to be free
is now costing me my sanity
as I can't....
what's the word...
project my feelings and thoughts
into the hearts and souls of others so they can feel what I feel
and see what I see...
happines has crippled me...
turning me into one of those
shiny happy people
I used to so despise
and subjugate with my
overtly critical...overly
point of veiw...
then came you...
and I no longer felt the angst and frustration
of unrequitedness...
and my used to be vast vocabulary
has been downsized to happy.
I used to have skills when my mind and time was empty
but now all is overly occupied
with thoughts, hopes, and wishes and prayers for you...
no more room for poetry or stories in my wild imagination...
because reality has finally caught hold of me
and I realized that it was time for all the madness and sadness to end.
So I lost part of me when you found all of me...
and what I have always loved most about myself
has left me like I never had it all.
I used to have freedom of words...verses...of poetry
but now I am just dumbfounded...
because it seems like the love I have always yearned for
has turned into my creative downfall.

copyright ambroziya snow 2003
:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
dis u feel is real and poetic sunshine will come
da lines u scribe is well felt vibes is a stroke away
keys of tune in ya ear dis sanity thang will clear
da path is here
flow on sho ya dip
poetry justice in ya script
com'mo !
i feel ya i've been in dis place once too
Great piece.
I think it rings true for so many poets.
I know that when I'm sad I write so much better, because the emotion feels as though it runs deeper.
I wrote vividly when I was suffering from depression, even though I oozed this cool, calm image. But since I found my SO, my writing has changed a lot. Maybe not for the worse, it's just not so dark.
So maybe you just need to alter your subject and themes, pick happier topics. You'll get your voice back soon enough :)


ohhh! so that explains where you've been! :lol:
& don't think you've been here since i stopped
using the name GA_SunShyne... anywho!

seriously... i am lovin' this piece. & i can relate
to your words wholeheartedly. since the "love
bug" bit me... i haven't written like i used to...
i tell everyone it's because i'm living a love poem
instead!! :D but anyway... it's good to see your
name among the flowing!! :) please stay around!



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