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Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
yes welcome PebonyBreeze and i hope often is more then you not able
because we surely would miss ya .....again welcome to community


Sep 26, 2008
Indianapolis IN
caregiver on coronary critical care unit
Good Morning $$RICH$$,
Thank you for your welcome! You see where I am on my first morning break. I wanted to check in on my new Destee family because I miss you all already...I'll be getting off possibly around &p and will log back on.
Peace & Blessings!


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Feb 1, 2005
StreetNationEarth: Seattle
The Meek !Shall! Inherit the Earth.
(not so much "introducing" myself, as it is that some of my "reason for being" came out due to my reaching very deep into "Me" as part of something else. while it really requires much editing and such, i'm gonna go ahead and drop it since just sometimes one's "truths" come out while one is "fighting" for their Right to Exist as ThemSelf. the following are snippets from a reply that got somewhat changed, but that i feel has a bunch of "me" in.)

even though sometimes it gets mixed up in a "tirade", i have been consistent in the message i've been trying to bring ever since i joined this community.

i've always had a philosophy of seeking to not "bad mouth" individuals, but, there have been times that i've "failed" to hold my tongue and spoken up about things that i feel/felt could be stated differently, or felt like might do us more good expressed in another fashion. i ain't nobody's expert or leader and won't, generally, bring my experiences to bear as "proof" of my extended, enlightened "wisdom"

... i have a failing in that i have never really figured out "small talk" (NOT to minimize anything; i am referring to that which all refer to as "small talk" - chit chat back and forth between people.) and speak from

almost 30 years of not doing this "system"/society while trying to figure out just how this planet/life/existence thing works so as to see why humanity is forever running around trying to put out small fires and jumping to the next small fire and coming back to the first small fire and then moving on to another small fire and then the next and then back to the third and on to the next ... when there really are no fires except as are created through following in the footsteps of a people that have no clue about this planet and create all these fires so as to maintain the illusion of their control over everything around, when the fact of the matter is that this "Garden of Eden" called Life is not on fire!!

when there seems to exist a continuous need to "fix" things, it is always good to seek to figure out the root thing to see how it is supposed to operate and compare that to how it is operating in an effort to determine where the issues are that cause it to appear to be not operating optimally. the planet operates optimally; man's "wisdom" over the millenia that we have been "doing" truly appears to have negatively impacted that optimisation.

i've come to a point where i've gained too much data and must needs bring what i've got out so as to get some other minds working on it because i am not the only one around, am not the most wise, am not quite so arrogant as to believe that i can fix all of it all by myself, and am having a really hard time trying to express that because in the years that i have been paying more attention to the really big picture, the smaller big picture has gotten so much worse that i have very much difficulty communicating in a manner that suits the "style du jour".

<cripes> and that is my biggest problem; it is really too big to say in the limited "sound bites" that appear to be the preferred method of communication today. "remember" how there used to be a tradition of "oral history" where a certain segment of the community remembered all the history of the community? remember how there used to be a time where huge things like "homer" and the illiad were committed to memory? in this time of "sound bite existence", "instant gratification", in which i, too, have been "indoctrinated" and "conditioned" ...

too much too say that my fingers can't keep up with so it comes out looking really jumbled, scrambled and is ripe for being interpreted as "being confused" ...


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Oct 18, 2008
Self Employed
Hi! I am Astrologer4U

I came about knowing of Destees one day when I said to my self, "Now is a good day to try agin for th hundreth time to find some black people into Astrology on line" I got on line and Googled "Black Astrology" that process brought me here.

You see, I am from California the land of hippies and trends. It is a rare occasion that I run into black people who are into Astrology and I needed me some of my own people to discuss and Learn more about Astrology with. I wish I could have caught brother Aqil, maybe he would have not left had he had a sister like me to share and colaborate about Astrology with, but I think he will be coming back though, you all wait and see.

I also practice Numerology but I have yet to come up with a way to introduce it into a topic however, I am wroking on it...Numerology topic...coming soon.

Sister Astrologer4U

sweet apple*pie

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May 14, 2006
East Coast
I am a student, and all though it is hardwork, it

I have been a member for a couple of years now, but I dont think I ever really introduced my self, so I figured, hey...betta late than never. And now that I have committed myself to being more active here in the community, I thought would post here.

Anyhow, My name is Tiffany Dorese, and I am 26 years old. I am currently a college student in my second, lets see. I work at a property management company working with home owner associations. My personality is I am a down-to-earth, very good natured person, with a quiet exterior until approached....then I can get quite lively.

I have a deep compassion for human beings, and I like to understand them. I find myself making friends with people older than myself, probably because I can be kind of mature in some ways, and I enjoy being around individuals who can elevate me to new levels. I waste no real time on people who can't promote my mind. Learning through the experience and stories of others, is very rewarding to me. I respect others opinions, while stating my own.

Oh yea....and I am a capricorn.

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